Zaler previously worked with the New York Knicks. 

Denver Broncos' head coach, Vic Fangio, has announced that Emily Zaler will join the team's strength and conditioning staff as a full-time coach under contract. 

Zaler came to the Broncos as a Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellow and is the team's first female coach. 

"We're going to keep her around throughout the season," Fangio said according to the Denver Broncos press release. "She did a really nice job here. She's knowledgeable, very passionate about strength and conditioning aspect. We're happy to have her, and we're going to keep her on for the entire season."

Zaler was previously working with the New York Knicks, but the 2019-2020 season was halted because of COVID-19. She found the Bill Walsh coaching fellowship, and reached out to the Broncos, filling a lifelong dream to coach in the NFL. During the acclimation period and training camp, Zaler assisted Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Loren Landow and the department on the field and in the weight room by helping conduct the warm-up sessions to start practice during camp and workouts in the gym.

"It's been a wonderful experience and opportunity to coach in the NFL," Zaler said, adding that she hopes that her work will help open doors for other women to coach in pro sports.

"Over the last decade, I've been told more times than I can count that I would never have the opportunity to work in the NFL or the NBA because I'm a woman, and there are a handful of women who have led the way for me that have had the opportunity and shown me that it is possible," Zaler said. "I hope to do the same for the next generation of female strength and conditioning coaches who want to work in an elite male sport."

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