Help us Brandon McManus, you're our only hope.

When it comes to field goals, Broncos kickers really go the distance. And this year, if Broncos' Brandon McManus pulls of a feat against one of our former heroes, all of Denver could reap the rewards.

Earlier in July, McManus accepted a challenge from Bud Light to kick the longest field goal ever recorded. Interestingly, he's going up against a 64-yard-long bomb booted by former Broncos kicker (now with Detroit), Matt Prater. If McManus can pull it off, everyone in Denver over 21 will reap the sweet, sweet sudsy rewards. 

The story doesn't stop here, however. Prater was not going down without a fight, and it's a game changer. 

This tweet spawned some hilarious Twitter banter between McManus and Prater, and Bud Light took notice. If is tweet on the matter is to be taken seriously, this challenge is now a kicker vs. kicker battle royale. 

So, let's get our Broncos jerseys on and cheer on the hometown team. Whether he kicks the longest field goal ever (which would be awesome) or just out-boots Prater this season, McManus is poised to be Denver's favorite athlete, if only for the time it takes to down a pint. 

Preseason is canceled for the NFL, so the Broncos will kick off the regular season at home on September 14 against the Titans.  

Do you think McManus has a chance? Let us know in the comments!