ESPN ranks the stadium as No. 9 in the NFL.  

In news that really isn't news to us in Colorado, ESPN has recognized how great Empower Field at Mile High really is. Coming it at No. 9 on the list, our stadium has the atmosphere, traditions, and features that keeps fans coming back for more.

"Denver ranked right in the middle in many categories, but it does have plenty of character: The Mile High Salute, the 'In-com-plete' chant; there's even a horse that parades around the field," ESPN's description reads. "And don't forget the advantage gained by the altitude in the league's only Rocky Mountains outpost. It has played host to three AFC Championship Games, two of them wins by the Broncos."

ESPN ranked each stadium by via a weighted atmosphere, features, traditions, tailgating, location, cost, and history system. Denver's best individual ranking in "features," ranking No. 8, and its worst in "cost" at No. 21 out of 28 stadiums (i.e. it ain't cheap to go to a game). ESPN says that it will cost an average of $258 to get a ticket, one beer, a hot dog, and pay for parking. While it's possible to get in for cheaper, it's important to note that ticket prices were taken from a three-year, secondary-market average set by SeatGeek.  

One thing to is clear about our stadium, it's just a solid place to spend a Sunday afternoon (and the occasional Monday or Thursday night). 

"At 5,280 feet above sea level, the locale is unique. There are some atmospheres-come-latelys in the league, but with Rocky Mountains on the horizon, a vibrant downtown, a light rail stop AT the stadium and every seat sold since its opening, Denver has consistently been one of the league's best." 

Ranking at the top of the list is Lambeau Field mostly due to a dedication to preserving its history. Rounding out the top three are CenturyLink Field (Seattle) at No. 2 and Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City) at No. 3. 

The worst stadium in the league honors go to the Washington Football Team's FedEx Field. It basically ranked at the bottom of most of the categories, coming in as the worst place for atmosphere and features.  

What do you think? Should Empower Field place higher on the list? Lower? Let us know in the comments!