Apparently, Sunday was a no-win for anyone in the Broncos community.

The Broncos loss to the Steelers last Sunday was a big hit to the team's early-season status. It was also a big hit to the wallet of Head Coach Vic Fangio and the team.

The NFL decided to add insult to injury on Monday when it levied a $100.000 fine to Coach Fangio for not properly following the league's mask protocols while on the sidelines during the Sunday game, according to reports. In addition, the team itself was fined $250,000 for the coach's infraction. 

Talk about kicking a Bronco when it's down. 

While Fangio was seen wearing his mask during the game, he often had it off while calling defensive signals.

The league had given some pretty stern warnings in week one about the mask rules, and it wasn't kidding about enforcing them. Including the Broncos and Coach Fangio, the NFL laid down other mask violation fines from Sunday games to Seattle Coach Pete Carroll and San Francisco Coach Kyle Shanahan, and their respective teams. More fines were given to Raiders Coach Jon Gruden and the Saints Coach Sean Payton who didn't follow the mask law of the land during their teams' Monday night matchup. Both of those teams also received the $250,000 fine.

In all, the NFL levied about $1.75 million in fines between the five teams. Yikes. The league promised action on mask violations, and man, did it deliver.

According to NFL, mask coverings or face shields must be worn by every coach at all times while on the sidelines. 

The Broncos have not made a statement about the situation. Though, this post on its Facebook page from Monday morning probably says it all when it comes to the recent losses of games, players, and money. 

What do you think about the NFL mask rules? What do you think about the fines for violating them? Most importantly, will the Broncos pull it together and get on track this season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.