Paton has agreed to a 6-year deal with the Broncos.

It's official. George Paton, former Assistant General Manager for the Vikings, has agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos to become the team's new general manager.

On Wednesday, it was confirmed that Paton would be signing on for a 6-year deal with the Broncos. He becomes the "15th top personnel executive in Broncos history," writes the team in a statement.

Just last week, former General Manager John Elway announced his decision to "step down" from the position. Elway will still remain involved in the team at an executive level. The interview process to find Elway's successor began on Friday.

"Early in this process, it became clear why George has been such a coveted GM candidate for so many years," said Elway. "He is a proven evaluator who knows every detail of leading football operations. With his experience in all aspects of the job—the college and pro sides, salary cap, trades, working with the head coach and bringing the staff together—George is more than ready to succeed in this role. George has waited and worked for the right opportunity, which shows that he is smart and serious about winning. We're thrilled to name George Paton as general manager of the Denver Broncos."

President and CEO of the Broncos Joe Ellis also had encouraging words to say about Paton.

"George is one of the most widely respected and experienced personnel executives in the NFL. He's a composed, collaborative leader with a clear vision of building a championship team. Getting to know George over the last week, his intelligence, work ethic and leadership skills impressed all of us. He has worked nearly 25 years in the NFL to prepare for this challenge, and we are very fortunate to have George as our new general manager. We're excited to welcome George, his wife Barbara and his children Bella and Beau to the Broncos family."

What do you think about the latest addition to the Denver Broncos? Do you agree with the choice to hire George Paton as the Broncos' General Manager? Share your thoughts in the comments below.