Totally going to refer to the Broncos as the "Boncos" from now on!

If you're gonna root for a team this season, make sure it's the Denver Boncos—er, Broncos.

New Era recently released a new hat for Broncos fans. However, there's a small (and hilarious) typo that slipped through. Eagle-eyed users on Reddit were some of the first to catch the spelling error on the snapback, which says, "Denver Boncos" instead of "Denver Broncos."

What makes the entire thing hysterical is the fact that the design had to have gone through various checks before it was printed, and yet, somehow, the missing "R" in Broncos got completely overlooked.

Unfortunately, the NFL Shop has since taken the link to the New Era hat down. But, if you're looking to grab the hat before it's too late, you can find it on Kohl's website for $33.99!

And we're not sure about you all, we can't help but want more memorabilia and apparel to represent the Denver Boncos! Besides, at this rate, the Boncos will likely have a better season than the Broncos!

What do you think of this hilarious spelling error? Will you be rooting for the Denver Boncos this year? Comment below.