The Denver Broncos will be peddling something called the "BBQ Thunder Dog" at Mile High this season, so don't eat too much at the pregame tailgate.

The Broncos, in an apparent attempt to distract from the quarterback situation (please do not get sucked into believing Chad Kelly is good, Broncos' fans, I am begging you), the team has released a list of the new food items that will be available for purchase at Broncos Stadium at Mile High (which we will be referring to simply as "Mile High" because that is the real name of the stadium and no corporate sponsorship will ever change that).

The list includes healthy options such as the Acai Bowl and Chopped Salads as well as wood-fired pizzas, rice and noodle bowls, and beef sliders and fries, among others.

It also includes something called the "BBQ Thunder Dog," which is decidedly not a healthy option. Per a Broncos' news release (via NBC), this is a description of the BBQ Thunder Dog:

"BBQ Thunder Dog ($12) -- Legends Grills, Alpine Grill, Club Level Barbeque: The Thunder Dog is a footlong hot dog piled high with tender and smoky chopped brisket, triple hot cheese sauce, fried onions and a drizzling of sweet BBQ Sauce."

In his special, A Little Unprofessional, comedian Ron White has a bit about vegetarianism that ends with a quip about his mother making a meat lover's carrot cake, which she serves "with a Lipitor and a stent." I imagine the same is true for the BBQ Thunderdog. If you or a loved one order a BBQ Thunder Dog, make sure you know where the nearest defibrillator is (probably on a wall near a fire extinguisher), and maybe have an intervention after the game.

One more comedian reference, because everyone needs more laughter in their lives: Jim Gaffigan has a bit about Domino's Pasta Bread Bowls, in which he imitates a small child in therapy and says, "If my dad loved me, then why would he eat a Domino's Pasta Bread Bowl?" Again, I feel the same could be said of the BBQ Thunder Dog.

But you can guarantee that I am absolutely going to eat a BBQ Thunder Dog the next time I'm at Mile High!

What do you think of the Broncos' new menu items? Will you be trying one or two of them next time you're at a game? If so, let us know your thoughts and if any of the items are even worth trying!

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