Week 11 of the 2020 NFL season is in the books, and we see rookie sensation Joe Burrow have a season-ending injury, while backup QBs across the league shine.

Cardinals, 21 – Seahawks, 28

When Wilson doesn't turn the ball over, his team can succeed. This game was crucial for his MVP chances while Kyler will have to restart his campaign for the coveted award. Carlos Hyde seemed to be a big help for the 'Hawks.

Steelers, 27 – Jaguars, 3

10-0. I fully expect the Steelers in the AFC championship, and I expect the Jaguars to be rebuilding for the next 3-5 years.

Lions, 0 – Panthers, 20

Veteran Matt Stafford could not get it done in the passing game this week. Even though Carolina was without their starting QB in Teddy Bridgewater and superstar RB Christian McCaffrey, backup QB Phillip Waler (this game was his first start) and RB Mike David filled in nicely. Carolina has a chance to derail a lot of playoff pushes, and I am here for all of it. 

Patriots, 20 – Texans, 27

Deshaun Watson had 241 passing yards on 18 completions in the first half. His sheer dominance of this matchup shows that the Patriots will take a while to recover from the Brady departure. Cam Newton has also fallen very far from grace.

Titans, 30 – Ravens, 24

I said this last week, but Lamar Jackson is phony because he can't win when it matters. With the Titans winning, they have now pushed the Ravens back to the No. 8 team in the AFC. The Ravens pass game is abysmal, and Lamar Jackson just isn't accurate. It's no wonder his wide receivers are becoming frustrated.

Eagles, 17 – Browns, 22

The Eagles have to rethink pretty much every aspect of their team. Wentz has terrible decision making, zero protection, and a shell of a team due to injuries. The Browns are the quietest 7-3 team in the league, and I expect them to continue being the running powerhouse they are even though this game prevented that (tons and tons and tons of rain).

Falcons, 9 – Saints, 24

Even though he had more tackles than completions coming into this game, Taysom Hill silenced the haters. After Drew Brees suffered a whopping 11 rib fractures last week, he was placed on injured reserve and won't be back for at least 3 weeks. There was speculation that they would start new signee Jameis Winston, but Saints head coach Sean Peyton said the decision was difficult.

Bengals, 9 – Washington, 20

Alex Smith notched his first win of the season but only after Bengals Rookie QB Joe Burrow suffered a season-ending leg injury. Joe Burrow will be a star, and I have him making a similar comeback to what Deshaun Watson did after his rookie season injury. 

Jets, 28 – Chargers, 34

It is clear that Joe Flacco can lead the Jets to garner some points, but not a win. Keenan Allen decided to have a day on the Jets' abysmal defense, and he ended up ending my personal fantasy football season. This game further pushes Justin Herbert's rookie of the year campaign, and we will be patiently waiting for the Jets to get a win (I don't think they will).

Dolphins, 13 – Broncos, 20

Well, Tua is now 3-1 as a starter. I expected Miami's sensational defense to clock Drew Lock and the broken Broncos, but I was surprised. Miami head coach Brian Flores is still in the running for Coach of the Year.

Cowboys, 31 – Vikings, 28

With the Cowboys managing to get their 3rd win of the season, every team in the NFC East now has exactly 3 wins. The Cowboys and the Washington Football team are now only a game behind the 3-6-1 Eagles for first place in the division. This was all unbelievable to type. 

Packers, 31 – Colts, 34

Aaron Rodgers blows another lead. His 28 first-half points seemed to put the nail in the coffin, but the Colts have experience coming back from deficits. Phillip Rivers' offensive line also almost cost them the game managing to grab 5 holding penalties on the last Colts possession of regulation. The Colts face the Titans in Week 12 and this will be the showdown for who wins the AFC South.

Chiefs, 35 – Raiders, 31

The Raiders had me convinced for a second, but as soon as I saw Mahomes score a touchdown in less than a minute to end the game, I knew that I am in fact watching a dynasty team. 

Rams, 27 – Buccaneers, 24

What a great way to end the week. No run game on either team, but deep ball after a deep ball. However, Brady doesn't look the same. The Rams finally found their identity: choking the secondary, and Goff throwing 50+ passes.

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