Empty stadiums are shedding light on what teams are elite and what teams need assistance. 

In addition to the weekly game results, the biggest news going into Week 4 is that three players and five employees with the Tennessee Titans have tested positive for COVID-19. They are closing their facilities until Saturday, as are the Minnesota Vikings, whom they played on Sunday.

Dolphins, 31 – Jaguars, 13

My thoughts: Ryan Fitzpatrick. That’s the entire sentence. We should be calling him FitzMagic after this performance; he seemed unstoppable. Although he is very inconsistent leading that Miami offense, he will have a healthy Devante Parker for next week’s grueling matchup against the Seahawks.

49ers, 36 – Giants, 9

My thoughts: After losing their quarterback, running back, and star defensive end Nick Bosa to injuries last week, they still show their dominance against a very flawed Giants team. Although they did lose their star running back Saquon Barkley to a season-ending injury last season, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones can’t seem to stop turning the ball over.

Washington, 20 – Browns, 34

My thoughts: As we all have understood, Baker Mayfield is not the key to this Browns team: it's Nick Chubb and the run game. Washington, you all have a quarterback problem, and Chase Young shouldn’t be the reason the entire defense collapses. There’s a stud in that offense in Terry McLaurin, so try to utilize him.

Bengals, 23 – Eagles, 23

My thoughts: Rookie quarterback Joe Burrow has a bright future in the NFL. He was calm, cool, and collected against a banged-up Eagles team. On the flip side, Carson Wentz needs a reality check. With only 7 interceptions thrown in the entirety of last season, he has already accumulated 6 in the first 3 games. The Eagles would have to recruit Boeing to learn how to fly again.

Raiders, 20 – Patriots, 36

My thoughts: Cam Newton showed that he’s clearly the Comeback Player of the Year last week in these Tom Brady-less Patriots. This week, we got a glimpse of how they can run the ball efficiently and effectively. Raiders Fans, hold your horses: you beat a 41-year-old Drew Brees without Michael Thomas.

Bears, 30 – Falcons, 26

My thoughts: The Falcons blew ANOTHER LEAD. I am at a loss for words. Out with Trubisky, in with Foles. After benching starter Mitchell Trubisky in the 3rd quarter, the Bears sought salvation in Nick Foles who technically threw 5 touchdowns (2 were reversed). On Monday morning, the seal was set: Foles is now the starter.

Rams, 32 – Bills, 35

My thoughts: Josh Allen is ELITE. The Bills' quarterback staged a 4th quarter comeback against a tough Rams team. In my opinion, that game-deciding pass interference penalty shouldn’t have happened, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

Texans, 21 – Steelers, 28

My thoughts: The Texans are 0-3 since that startling DeAndre Hopkins trade in the offseason. That Steelers defense is no joke, and showed that the Texans are an average team.

Titans, 31 – Vikings, 30

My thoughts: Titans kicker Stephen Gostkowski went perfect from the field scoring 6, yes, 6 field goals. Subtract his 18-point contribution and this would’ve seemed like a blowout.

Panthers, 21 – Chargers, 16

My thoughts: After the Chargers’ doctor injured former Virginia Tech quarterback Tyrod Taylor, the team had to shift to Justin Herbert for a second week. I was hoping I would see magic with that last play of the game that would’ve given the Chargers a crazy win, but oh well.

Jets, 7 – Colts, 36

My thoughts: Jets head coach Adam Gase is ruining his team. I get that quarterback Sam Darnold played poorly, but look at the system he’s in: anyone would fail.

Cowboys, 31 – Seahawks, 38

My thoughts: Russell Wilson has 14 touchdowns in his first three games this season. The Cowboys made some very childish mistakes, but you can’t do that against a Super Bowl champion.

Lions, 26 – Cardinals, 23

My thoughts: Kyler Murray is in the MVP race in just his second year, but he’s human and makes mistakes. With his 3 interceptions and Kenny Golladay’s exciting return to the Lions starting lineup, the narrowly avoided the Cardinals gripping offense.

Buccaneers, 28 Broncos, 10

My thoughts: Tom Brady has finally found his chemistry with his new team.

Packers, 37 – Saints, 30

My thoughts: 64% of Drew Brees’ yards are after the completion. It’s clear that he cannot operate without star wide receiver Michael Thomas. BUT... Aaron Rodgers though? A-a-ron is on pace for a record season, AND he is missing his star wide receiver Davante Adams.

Chiefs, 34 – Ravens, 20

My thoughts: Since being drafted in 2018, Lamar Jackson’s Ravens are 0-10 when coming back from behind at halftime. Mahomes is also, you know, the potential GOAT.

With week 4 of the NFL without in-person attendance on the rise, it should be an exciting set of matchups.

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