With the NFL working around COVID diagnoses of notable players like Cam Newton and a multitude of Titans personnel, we see the Cowboys struggle and Houston's coach fired.

Broncos, 37 – Jets, 28

The Jets have a diamond in the rough with Sam Darnold—It's too bad Adam Gase is coaching him. The Broncos' defense lost Von Miller right before the season started, but they still managed to hold Darnold to one touchdown. They have quarterback troubles of their own with Rypien throwing three interceptions. 

Saints, 35 – Lions, 29

Drew Brees must have read my article from last week because the Saints scored a whopping 35 points to win the game. Without Michael Thomas, he's building trust in Tre'Quan Smith, but he still looks like he's 41.

Buccaneers, 38 – Chargers, 31

Tom Brady, 5 touchdowns, 43 years old. New team, same stats. There's no denying that he's the greatest of all time.

Bengals, 33 – Jaguars, 25

Joe Burrow will be a star in five years. He's succeeding in a terrible organization (unlike Washington's Haskins and New York's Jones), and he has only four games under his belt. (Joe Mixon kinda went off for 3 touchdowns, too...)

Vikings, 31 – Texans, 23

ESPN: "Houston Texans fire coach/GM Bill O'Brien after 0-4 start"

Me: Finally.

Seahawks, 31 – Dolphins, 23

Russell Wilson is still showing he's the MVP front-runner with Aaron Rodgers. Wilson tied Peyton Manning for the record of most touchdowns in the first four games with 16. 

Browns, 49 – Cowboys, 38

Hol' up, Hol up',  Hol' up, we ain't Dem Boyz.

Dak Prescott, you can't keep turning your performance up to 100% only in the 4th quarter while you're down in points. Dallas defense... where did y'all go?

Odell Beckham Jr. went OFF, and the Browns' running game, AS I SAID LAST WEEK, went into overdrive racking up 307 yards, the most in any game in two years. I know you all lost Nick Chubb this game, but I am rooting for you all to keep succeeding.

Cardinals, 21 – Panthers, 31

Congratulations to former Saints backup quarterback Teddy Bridgewater for his first win of the season! Kyler Murray, WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU. Make smarter decisions; you were what some called an MVP contender in the first two weeks. 

Ravens, 31 – The Washington Football Team, 17

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson rebounded from an awful performance against defending Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs. Washington and the Gaints are struggling from the same problems, but Daniel Jones has more starts and interceptions.

Giants, 9 – Rams, 17

The Giants are still showing that losing the face of their franchise, Saquon Barkley, in Week 2 has crippled their offense. Daniel Jones has played 17 games in his career, and he has turned the ball over in 16 of them. And for the Rams ... please use your amazing receiving core to get some touchdowns. I get that Aaron Donald is great, but you have to score to win.

Bills, 30 – Raiders, 23

The Raiders need to use Waller more, but I applaud them for giving Jacobs some snaps; he's the key. The only problem is you're playing the Bills' defense, so you won't convert on every Red Zone appearance. Josh Allen skated by this win, but he's still performing like an MVP contender. 

Colts, 19 – Bears, 11

With stopping Super Bowl champion quarterback Nick Foles and the Chicago Bears, the Colts solidified that they have the most efficient defense in the NFL.

Eagles, 25 – 49ers, 20

The 49ers' George Kittle came back with a VENGEANCE, snagging all 15 of his targets for 183 yards and a touchdown. The only person who has performed better than him in a game is Shannon Sharpe in 2002. However, without their quarterback, running back, and star defensive end Nick Bosa, they fall to Carson Wentz's Eagles, who are now 1st in the NFC East with an abysmal record of 1-2-1.

Chiefs, 26 – Patriots, 10

Everyone in the football world was excited to see how Cam Newton would match up against these Chiefs. You've got the Patriots' insane defense versus the Chiefs' impeccable offense. Cam Newton's season has shown he's the comeback player of the year. Unfortunately, Newton tested positive for COVID-19. The backup quarterbacks for the Patriots could not produce, and Mahomes did what Mahomes does: score. 

Falcons, 16  Packers, 30

Wide reciever Calvin Ridley has been filling in well for star Julio Jones' injuries, but he had so many drops this game. Aaron Rodgers is red hot and can't stop scoring even without his star wide receiver Davante Adams. For my fantasy football audience, claim Tonyan NOW. 

I'll be back with my thoughts for Week 5, but in the meantime... will the Jets fire Adam Gase? Are the Titans missing another game next week? How will the Texans look after firing their head coach? Will the Cowboys bounce back against the Giants? Just some questions to ponder on as the week progresses. 

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