There weren't too many upsets this week, but here I am again with my thoughts for each matchup. 

With Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season finished, the NFC East is atrocious, the Titans are special, and Rodgers needed a wake-up call. Check out my thoughts below.

Texans, 36 – Titans, 42

Probably the best matchup all week, honestly. We saw Titans running back Derrick Henry explode per usual and quarterback Tannehill play an amazing game. It is clear that the Texans have not recovered from losing DeAndre Hopkins in the offseason and the mid-season head coach change two weeks ago.

Ravens, 30 – Eagles, 28

Carson Wentz just about did it to the Ravens, but with every NFL season, the Eagles always have the most injuries. In this game alone, they lost their star running back in Miles Sanders and superstar tight end Zach Ertz. The Eagles are also a part of the worst division in football where all four teams have five combined wins. The Ravens have not improved upon their terrible passing game. We know that Ravens QB Lamar Jackson is accurate, but what's not connecting?

Falcons, 40 – Vikings, 23

Dan Quinn out, Matty Ice in. With the Falcons superstar wide receiver back from injury, the Falcons seem like the offensive powerhouse we've been waiting on. They also didn't blow a lead this game, which is progress. Will they finish 11-5 (I'm not being serious...)? We'll see. The Vikings were without running back Dalvin Cook, so they had to look to the receiving core and targeted rookie Justin Jefferson who had two touchdowns and 166 yards. 

Browns, 7 – Steelers, 38

I have a message for the Browns: run the ball. I will give you the benefit of the doubt; you played an insane Steelers defense that had 4 sacks, an interception, and a pick-6. 

Bengals, 27 – Colts, 31

We thought Phillip Rivers had noodle arms last week, but he proved the doubters wrong. Coming back from being down 21-0, the Colts managed to snag a win and have a solid hold on the 2nd place spot in an easy AFC South. The Bengals had luck in the run game, but it ran out when Joe Mixon went out with a shin injury.

Lions, 34 – Jaguars, 16

Rookie running back D'Andre Swift showed up for the Lions. Although future Hall of Famer Adrian Peterson led the team in touches, Swift has a bright future. The Jags have too many problems to talk about. 

Bears, 23 – Panthers, 16

The Bears are 5-1. The best decision they've made is benching Trubisky. I guess the Panthers are waiting to get superstar Christian McCaffery back off of injury for them to have some consistency. 

Washington, 19 – Giants, 20

Both teams lost this game; that's all I'm going to say. 

Broncos, 18 – Patriots, 12

This Broncos defense shut down Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, and with Drew Lock back, he set the Broncos up for 6 field goals. 

Jets, 0 – Dolphins, 24

Tua got to play!!!

Packers, 10 – Buccaneers, 38

Aaron Rodgers needs protection, but minus that, he was clearly out of his element. This game was the first time he was picked off all season, let alone twice. Tom Brady still gets the last laugh against Rodgers.

Rams, 16 – 49ers, 24

I said Jimmy G. didn't look recovered from his ankle injury last week, but now he looks normal. Unfortunately, the 49ers lost running back Raheem Mostert, but they still managed these indentity-less Rams.

Chiefs, 26 – Bills, 17

Josh Allen is regressing. I get that he played the undefeated Titans last week and the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs this week, but he was missing throws that should've been catches. Carson Edwards-Helaire is a rookie, but he's playing like a seasoned veteran. I hope the signing of Le'Veon Bell does not deter his performance. 

Cardinals, 38 – Cowboys, 10

These Cowboys are bad on both sides of the ball. They have to regroup, but somehow, they lead the NFC (L)East with a whopping record of 2-4.

Some questions going into Week 7: Will Aaron Rodgers bounce back this week? Is it time we start talking about how dangerous the Titans and Bears are? Can Josh Allen shake this slump? Let me know in the comments how your team is doing and what you're excited for!

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