With Week 7 of the 2020 NFL season finished, we see dominance in veterans like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Big Ben ... and we see entire franchises crumble.

Giants, 21 – Eagles, 22

This Thursday night game saw two NFC (L)East teams face off. The most memorable part of this game was New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones running for 80 yards and TRIPPING before reaching the end zone. That photo is a good summation of how their season is going. 

Panthers, 24 – Saints, 27

Without Michael Thomas for another week, Drew Brees still makes it happen against a scrappy Panthers team. Carolina gets McCaffrey back next week....

Bills, 18 – Jets, 10

The Bills scared me for a second, but their defense shaped up and snagged 6 sacks on Jets QB Sam Darnold. The Jets are still winless.

Browns, 37 – Bengals, 34

Baker shined brighter than the blinding light performance of Joe Burrow. 5 touchdowns versus 4, both with 1 interception, but both phenomenal performances. With a game-winning touchdown in the final seconds, the only team with a better record in the NFL than the Browns are the Steelers, their divisional rival. The Browns might have also lost their star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. to a knee injury on the very first play. The Browns won without him, so we'll see how much this injury affects the offense as the season progresses.

Cowboys, 3 – Washington, 25

What will Jerry Jones do this week? Fire the entire coaching staff? They lost their backup QB Andy Dalton today with a head injury, and they lost to a team that doesn't even have an official name. The Cowboys are now tied with Washington for 2nd place in the divison with an atrocious record of 2-5.

Packers, 35 – Texans, 20

Rodgers bounced back after that brutal loss to the Buccaneers by having 4 passing touchdowns. We are seeing now that Houston's only problem wasn't former head coach Bill O'Brien, it's protecting their Pro Bowl Quarterback Deshaun Watson and reformatting the entire defense. 

Lions, 23 – Falcons, 22

Another last-second victory, literally. I mean, Lions QB Matt Staford hit his tight end in the end zone as time expired. My (not serious) prediction of an 11-5 Falcons team has now been crushed. 

Steelers, 27 – Titans, 24

This was the matchup of the week and it lived up to its name. This matchup was slated to be played Week 3, but due to the Titans COVID outbreak, it was rescheduled to this week. Big Ben Roethlisberger had a concerning 3 interception game. He's not keeping this team alive, it's the Pittsburgh defense. What's heartbreaking about this game is that the Titans lost to a missed field goal with 14 seconds that, if made, would've sent the game into overtime. 

Buccaneers, 45 – Raiders, 20

Tom Brady went into overdrive scoring 5 total touchdowns, and with the recent addition of star wide reciever Antonio Brown, I see this team at least making it to the NFC Championship. 

Chiefs, 43 – Broncos, 16

The Chiefs won... in a snow storm. Surprisingly, Mahomes didn't lead the charge this game due to the Defense and Special teams stepping up and scoring 20 points. 

Jaguars, 29 – Chargers, 39

I'm starting a petition to rename Justin Herbert to Justin Berzerkert. I know that he played a terrible Jaguars team, but 4 total touchdowns like Joe Burrow is not something to take lightly. Jaguars Quarterback Gardner Minshew played for his job today considering there were reports of him being benched if he didn't perform today.

49ers, 33 – Patriots, 6

Cam Newton has fallen from grace, and this is the worst home loss under 6-time Super Bowl Winning Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick... ever. They have some rethinking to do, and I don't think backup QB Jared Stidham is the answer. 

Cardinals, 37 – Seahawks, 34

Kyler slayed the beast of Wilson. What's crazy was this was the matchup of QBs that are spitting images of each other. Both putting up MVP numbers and both chose football over baseball. Tyler Locket also had 200 yards and 3 touchdowns... did you know he's a receiver?

Rams, 24 – Bears, 10

Aaron Donald and that Rams run defense shut down every Chicago running back. Nick Foles seemed to regress this game only driving to score 3 points for his team.

Questions heading into Week 8: What are the Cowboys going to do? Will the Jets actually start 0-8? How will the Patriots work with what they have? Will OBJ's season-ending injury affect that Browns offense?

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