Week 8 of the 2020 NFL season has come to a close, and we saw a lot of upsets, surprises, and the 2020 theme: injuries.

Here's our roundup of everything that happened in the NFL this week!

Falcons, 25 – Panthers, 17

The Falcons are now 2-1 without their former head coach Dan Quinn, but this was a sloppy game all around. I guess Carolina's solace is that this was the last week without their superstar running back Christian McCaffrey.

Vikings, 28 – Packers, 22

Dalin Cook, cooked. With four total touchdowns, he exposed the flaws in the Packers' run defense, leaving Vikings QB Kirk Cousins no need to throw the ball. This was Cook's first week back, and he made a statement. Unfortunately for Aaron Rodgers, he didn't have his star running back Aaron Jones. 

Titans, 20 – Bengals, 31

What a shocker, honestly. The Titans are on a two-game losing streak and we considered them one of the best, but these Bengals flipped some kind of switch this week in practice. With four offensive linemen out due to injury, they protected Joe Burrow like never before, conceding zero sacks (he averages 3.5/game). The Bengals, without running back Joe Mixon, still managed to get the job done with Bernard who had two touchdowns on the day. Joe Burrow fights his butt off every game, and it makes the Bengals' games fun to watch.

Jets, 9 – Chiefs, 35

Mahomes was tired of letting the defense get all the credit last week, so he decided to throw for 416 yards and five touchdowns against a team that shouldn't be in the NFL. I bet I could put Trevor Lawrence's Clemson against the Jets and still win by 10. 

Colts, 41 – Lions, 21

Coming off a bye week, the Colts scored with so many different players. RB Nyheim Hines had two, Jordan Wilkins had one, and even the defense had two. They finally looked like the team they were hyped up to be in the offseason. The Lions lost star WR Kenny Golladay due to a hip injury, sending a crushing blow to their offense. 

Steelers, 28 – Ravens, 24

Lamar Jackson is a terrible quarterback when it matters. The Steelers are still undefeated.

Rams, 17 – Dolphins, 28

In Tua's first start, we see him throw a touchdown! I guess this hyped up the defense because they forced the Rams to change the entire playbook with a kick return touchdown and a fumble recovery touchdown.

Patriots, 21 – Bills, 24

Credit to my colleague Matt for this one, but Cam Newton will not be getting the legendary Fig Newton endorsement playing like this. The Pats are now 2-5, and Bill Belichick had to come out and say that Cam is their quarterback. 

Raiders, 16 – Browns, 6

What a weird, badly played game. Coming off a hot game, Baker shows his inconsistent ways by completing less than half his passes. Raiders nation will eat this up and proclaim themselves as the best team in the league for some odd reason. 

Chargers, 30 – Broncos, 31

The Chargers are stuck in their ways. They can't seem to win close games, and at this point, it seems like someone put a curse on them. As for the Broncos, they finally showed some oomph and pulled off an exciting comeback to win in the final two minutes.

Saints, 26 – Bears, 23

I'm still a firm believer in saying that Drew Brees will retire after this season. It seems that he doesn't fit in with this team anymore, and the only thing keeping him in the offense is Michael Thomas who has been out with injury. The Saints have a lot of thinking to do. 

49ers, 27 – Seahawks, 37

DK Metcalf had that insane showing of athleticism last week on an interception, and this week he backed it up by getting 161 yards and 2 TDs. This was a terrible game for the 49ers who lost both QB Jimmy G and superstar tight end George Kittle. They now have their offensive weapons on injured reserve and won't see either of them for at least 6 weeks. This adds to the list that includes running back Raheem Mostert and star defensive end Nick Bosa.

Cowboys, 9 – Eagles, 23

This was an ugly game for Wentz in the first half, but the Cowboys are so abysmal it's hard not to win against them. The Eagles now lead the NFC East with a record of 3-4-1. Pitiful.

Buccaneers, 25 – Giants, 23

Giants QB Daniel Jones almost did it—he almost vanquished this extremely hot Buccaneers team, but in Danny Dimes fashion, there will always be an interception somewhere. What happened to this run-crushing defense of the Buccaneers? It's like it took a break this game. 

Some things to think about this week: Will the Packers fix their run defense? How will the Titans break this skid of losses? Will we see the Steelers be the #1 seed in the AFC?

Let me know in the comments what you're excited about for Week 9.