Eskin says Denver teams are essentially cheating ... but hey, no offense, Denver fans.

This guy.

Last week, I wrote to you all about the controversial tweet from Spike Eskin of WIP radio, Philadelphia, claiming that Denver shouldn't be allowed to have home games because of an altitude advantage. The tweet and several he unloaded thereafter did not go over real well with Denver fans.

eskin tweet

Of course, he later backtracked, calling it mostly a joke and saying he's surprised people took him seriously. 

But he didn't stop there. Now, it appears he has decided to ride the 15-minutes-of-fame wave all the way to the shores of Laughingstock Island. To be honest, I kind of hate to contribute to his ridiculousness by acknowledging it, but Eskin has now filed a petition to ban pro sports in Denver, and it's hard to ignore. I'll spare you his full reasoning (you can read it for yourself here, if you so desire), but here is a brief explanation.

"In sports, there's always a home-field advantage. But there's a difference between a home-field advantage and cheating. The elevation in cities like Denver creates an unfair advantage for the home team. We propose that all professional sports move teams out of Denver, so we can have fair outcomes for the sports we all care so much about. We mean no offense to the people of Denver, who deserve happiness. But fair is fair," the petition complains.

I am taking a break from rolling my eyes this week because I broke them the first time this guy tweeted his misguided thoughts. The below gif pretty much covers my thoughts and saves me a lot of eyestrain, as I'm sure there will be more to come from Mr. Eskin.

oh brother GIF

He's gotten about 290 signatures at the time of this writing. He filed the petition on Nov. 15 and said if he got 500 signatures at 5 p.m. that day he'd donate $100 to a local animal shelter.

He. Failed. Which, of course, is a bummer for the animals (hopefully he donated anyway). Maybe we Denver fans should all pitch in to make that donation that his half-cocked petition couldn't muster. We could call it the Denver Pro Sports Fund and donate it in his honor.

As usual, Twitter reactions to his proposal (he even suggested we move the Nuggs to Seattle ... say whaaaaaaaaat?) were worthy of sharing.

@jasonmonster: "Lol if I lived in Philly I'd spend all my time thinking about Denver too. Anything to dull the pain."

@connordockery: "Counter Proposal: East coast teams have to travel a significantly shorter distance every season than West teams. Sign now to spread all of the East teams out evenly across the country in order to take away this unfair advantage from the East!"

What do you think? Have we heard the last of Eskin and his anti-Denver sports feelings? Do you agree with his thoughts on altitude advantage? Let us know in the comments below.