With last night's win against the Brewers, the Washington Nationals brought home another curly W. Do you think the Nats are headed to the World Series?

A wild-card win is in the books as the District celebrated with their home team last night. An eighth inning run by Juan Soto clinched it, bringing in runners for a 4-3 victory agains the Brewers.



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In case you missed the big play, here it is, along with the crowd's great reaction. Nats Park was on FIRE last night!

Here are some shots of your favorite players celebrating. They definitely earned that champagne!


A Strasmas miracle. 🎄

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Next up is a best-of-5 series with the Dodgers, starting off in Los Angeles. The Nationals will be back at home on Sunday if you're trying to get tickets. On paper, the seats start at $64 and go up well over $500 apiece. Get moving if you want to find seats for the next two home games! Just think, you could be part of a killer celebration scene like this:


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Speculation is all over the board with this latest win; it's going to be a nail-biting post-season for sure! Do you think the Nationals will make it all the way to the World Series?


Is it too early to tell, or are you feeling like it's the Nats' big year?