The Colorado Rockies' injury list grows as players continuously get hurt during Spring Training. Will this have a major affect on their upcoming season?

Luck does not seem to be on the Rockies' side these days. After losing several players to injuries just within the last few weeks, Tom Murphy and Ian Desmond both reluctantly add their names to the ever-growing list... Starter Chad Bettis discovered that he will need chemotherapy for another bout of cancer, and starting pitcher Chris Rusin has an oblique injury. The Rockies have also lost outfielder David Dahl to a rib injury and relief pitcher Chad Qualls to an elbow injury.

"As a team, we will be resilient... the other players are good players who will get that playing time." -Bud Black, Rockies manager Murphy's injury occurred on Saturday, March 11th during a game against the Cubs. In the first inning, he ran into Anthony Rizzo's bat when attempting to throw to second base on a steal attempt. Although the injury happened in the first inning, Murphy muscled through and played all the way through the seventh inning. He then exited the game due to a pre-planned schedule that didn't see him playing through the final two innings. It was not until after the game that the extent of his injury became known. Murphy will be out for at least four to six weeks due to the hairline fracture in his right forearm. His injury was not discovered until later. Luckily, Murphy will not need to undergo surgery, however he will need to keep the arm immobile for the duration of those four to six weeks. He will spend his time working with pitchers on scouting reports and improving his glove work – as best as he can with one hand. [caption id="attachment_11036" align="aligncenter" width="696"]rockies' injury photo courtesy of Mile High Sports[/caption] The Rockies are looking at Tony Wolters and Dustin Garneau to fill Murphy's position as catcher. Wolters was a back up for Nick Hundley last season and Garneau made his debut with the Rockies in 2015, shuffling between Triple-A and Coors Field as an emergency option. Bud Black also mentioned that he's considering Anthony Bamboo and Jan Vazquez as replacements, even though neither of them are on the Rockies' 40-man roster – reassigned to minor-league camp.

"Real rough week, no doubt about it." -Bud Black, Rockies manager The Colorado Rockies took a leap of faith when they signed Ian Desmond to play first base. It seemed that the risk was asking him to play (and excel) in a position he had never played before. Unfortunately for Desmond, the risk was not at first base but rather at the plate. During the fourth inning of a Cactus League game on Sunday March 12th, Desmond was at the plate and he got struck by a pitch – a fastball that was high and inside – from Cincinnati Reds right-hander Rookie Davis. Desmond walked to first base, but as soon as the Reds had a pitching change the Rockies pulled him from the game. Immediate medical attention followed the second he arrived at the dugout and his hand was wrapped in a brace before they escorted him to the Colorado clubhouse for further examination. X-rays showed that he fractured a bone on his left hand. Desmond will be having surgery to repair the second metacarpal in his hand, below the index finger. [caption id="attachment_10866" align="aligncenter" width="850"]rockies' injury photo courtesy of FanSided[/caption] Davis, the Reds pitcher, had injured his right ankle during the game but he still played. He eventually left the game due to pain. He claims that his ankle is why the pitch to Desmond got away from him. "The way I was throwing, I wanted to stay out and keep going," Davis said after he limped out of the game. The Rockies are looking at several options to replace with Desmond. Mark Reynolds, who was their starting first baseman last season is a high priority. They are also interested in Jordan Pattern, Stephen Cardullo and Gerardo Parra – but he is needed more in the outfield. Will the injuries continue to plague the Rockies? Or will they overcome this massive obstacle in time for the regular season? Also, who do you think will be the best catching and first baseman replacement options for the Rockies? Let us know what you think by commenting below! Featured photo courtesy of the Official Colorado Rockies photo blog.

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