Fans are up in arms about the state of their home team, and it has us wondering: what's going on with the Washington Redskins?

It's no secret that the Redskins have been losing games left and right.

The startling development, which seems to actually be more of an ongoing issue, is the sheer number of #boycottredskins tweets we're seeing across the board.

From poor management to the role of ownership, fans are taking to Twitter to get their points across.

Ticket sales are down as more and more people stay home to catch the games, even when they're being played locally.

I'm not usually one to spread negativity, but this is one trend that can't be ignored. For those of you who are angry at the current state of affairs, what do you propose that would actually help the team and fan morale? Is #HTTR a thing of the past, or is this just a slump?

What are YOUR thoughts on how the Redskins are doing? Why is everyone so upset? Sound off in the comments!