Set a reminder for February 19; that's when you can start buying single-game tickets to Nationals' games. The promotional game schedule is out, and there are plenty of opportunities for fun with the team.

Whether you're in it for the swag or just want to meet your favorite players, the Washington Nationals have an epic season planned for their fans. Take a look at the schedule and choose your dates carefully. The giveaway days are particularly popular.

Washington Nationals

These are some of the coolest free merchandise days if you're in it for the toys:

  • April 7: Davey Martinez World Series Bobblehead giveaway
  • April 21: Radio lanyard from 106.7 The Fan
  • June 3: Victor Robles Bobblehead
  • June 5: Trea Turner as The Flash Bobblehead
  • June 20: "Juan Solo" Star Wars Bobblehead
  • July 10: Stephen Strasburg Bobblehead
  • September 20: Ryan Zimmerman Bobblehead

This is just the tip of the Bobblehead iceberg. Keep checking back on the Nats' Facebook page for additional giveaway updates including logo merchandise and more.

Washington Nationals

If Firework Fridays are your thing, check out these games:

  • April 17 against the Chicago Cubs
  • May 1 against the Cincinnati Reds
  • June 19 against the Atlanta Braves
  • July 3 against the Houston Astros
  • August 14 against the San Diego Padres

Washington Nationals

Check out all of the great discount days! If you've never gone to a Nats game with a big bunch of college buddies or military friends, put together a game night outing for this season. You never know who you'll see at one of their themed games.

Washington Nationals

If last season's historic ending was any indication, this year's Nationals are going to be a force to be reckoned with. Get some tickets and head out to the ballpark to root for the home team. Keep in mind that special events may require additional tickets so read the fine print!

For more information, visit the official team website or follow along with their chatter on Facebook.

**The photos and infographics in this article are courtesy of the Washington Nationals.

Will you be buying Nats tickets this year? What are your favorite kinds of promotional games? Let us know in the comments!