It's a great day for the Mystics, who just brought home their first WNBA title. 

The Washington Mystics beat the Connecticut Sun in an exhilarating head-to-head game to be named the WNBA Champions for 2019.

It's no surprise that the WNBA Most Valuable Player was Ellena Delle Donna. She battled through multiple injuries all season, including a broken nose which required her to wear a face mask for many of the games. 

In perhaps the classiest move in basketball, she goes out of her way to praise her teammate Emma Meesseman, the WNBA Finals' MVP in her own right, acknowledging her role in the team's success. The team spirit is clear in her post-game interview.

Overall, the team had a triumphant season with a franchise-record of 26 wins to only 8 losses. Way to go, Mystics! What a great way to bring home the title!



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