The QB tossed the trophy to his teammates on a nearby boat.

Tom Brady and his fellow Buccaneers are celebrating their Super Bowl LV victory in style. Players, coaches, and staff of the Tampa Bay Bucs are floating around the Hillsborough River and will go around the Davis Islands before ending up at Sparkman Wharf.

And during the boat parade, Brady can be seen with the Lombardi trophy, however, he doesn't hold onto it for long. In a video, the QB hoists the trophy back about three or four times before lugging it off his boat and into the hands of his teammates, who are on a nearby boat about five to 10 yards away.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TMZ:

Luckily, his teammates caught the trophy before it hit the water. Can you imagine the headline if it didn't?

Brady and the Bucs seem to be enjoying the victory.