Remarkable advertisement for a local Minneapolis bowling alley. This footage is "right up our alley."

Watch as a drone enters a Minneapolis bowling alley and tours the alley, bar, inner workings of the pin machines, and small theater. All. In. One. Take.

The 87-second video has gone viral. It not only showcases Bryant Lake Bowl, but it also captures the raw talent of the drone pilot and video crew.

Bryant Lake Bowl Fly Through from Rally Studios on Vimeo.

The video has already been viewed hundreds of thousands of times and has caught the attention of Hollywood's top directors. According to ABC, "Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn said the shot was 'stupendous' and 'incredible' and he wanted the creators to join the production crew on Guardians of the Galaxy 3 in London later this year."

The video captures all things Americans love at a bowling alley. The drone enters through the front door and travels directly to the lanes where it captures the speed of bowling balls. It flies in between legs and listens in on conversations at the lanes and the bar. Throughout the video, you get the feeling that nothing is left secret at this bowling alley. You get to see the pin machines, the back storage area, and an intimate theater off of the bowling alley.

A masterpiece of this magnitude is truly a team effort. Rally Studios pilot, Jay Christensen, rips through a Minneapolis classic, Bryant Lake Bowl. Anthony Jaska directed, and Jay Christensen served as ariel cinematographer.

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