Time to show them what you've got!

If you've ever dreamed of belting out the National Anthem at a Denver Broncos game, well, now is your opportunity to shine. 

The Denver Broncos are celebrating the Fan Appreciation Game on January 3, 2021—their last home game of the season. Traditionally, all the fans at the game will sing the National Anthem together. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the Fan Appreciation Game is going to happen a little differently, however, the team wants the tradition of singing with its fans to continue. So, they have asked for fans to send in videos of themselves singing the National Anthem. Submissions will be put together and shown at the Game on January 3, when the Broncos take on the Las Vegas Raiders. 

The team is providing an instrumental track of the National Anthem, which fans can download, then sing to. The deadline to submit videos is December 7, so there is still time to get yours in! All submissions will be included in the final compilation video.

Here are a few things to know before you submit:

  • All entries must download the Instrumental National Anthem track to sing to, follow the tempo, and do not be afraid to get creative.
  • You can film from a phone or another recording device.
  • Upload the video and fill out the form here.
  • Must be 18. 

The Broncos video team offered some advice to help people make the best videos they can:

  • If filming on a cell phone, please film horizontally.
  • Try and find a way to mount the phone/camera—handheld might be too shaky.
  • Make sure there is no light behind you that could cause the camera to make the subjects too dark.
  • Try and fill the frame. People tend to center the frame on heads, but that leaves too much head-room in the frame.
  • If your camera has the ability to shoot 4K (most newer iPhones do), please do.

What do you think about the virtual fan sing-along the Broncos are planning? Are you going to submit your video to be included? We want to hear all about it in the comments.