The knockout punch went down during the 6th inning at Coors Fields.

On Wednesday night, the Colorado Rockies were facing off in their second game in a double-header against the San Diego Padres at Coors Field. But there seemed to be more boxing than baseball going on ...

In an incident recorded on video, a Padres fan can be seen walking up to another man, who appears to be a Rockies fan, and punches him (hard) in the face. The Rockies fan is knocked out cold and falls to the ground. Others in the area rushed towards the Padres fan in an attempt to restrain him. Officers then came onto the scene.

According to TMZ, the Denver Police Department didn't make any arrests. "The person who threw the first punch, was contacted by police. However, the person struck did not want to press charges," said a spokesperson.

Watch the video below:

Any ideas as to why this Padres fan was so upset to viciously hit a Rockies fan? Comment below.