What did we learn from the ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHOWDOWN, besides not to drink gin, pineapple vodka, and tequila all mixed together?

Following a Rocky Mountain Showdown blowout of 45-13 proportions, Colorado and Colorado State seem to be headed in opposite directions as football programs. 

Where CU Is Going:

To Nebraska, full of confidence that may or may not be misplaced. The Daily Camera's Brian Howell unearthed an interesting stat, the effect of which is every time CU beats CSU by 25 or more points, they wind up having a pretty good season.

Laviska Shenault and Nate Landman -- learn those names, if you haven't already.

Most of where CU is headed after the ROCKY MOUNTAIN SHOWDOWN depends on whether CSU is truly awful OR just ran up against two good teams at the wrong time. What we do know is the Buffs look a lot faster than last year, so that's good. Also, the fact that a lot of young players are playing big roles on this team. That bodes well for the future. Many people wondered if CU would be able to replace Phillip Lindsay's production, but the offense seems a lot more well-rounded and Travon McMillian looked great in his first game since transferring from Virginia Tech. 

Nebraska will tell us more, and hopefully, what Nebraska tells us is the Buffs are for real via a beatdown just as painful as the one they just laid on CSU. God, I hate Nebraska.

If CU emerges from Lincoln with a win, their next three games (at home against New Hampshire, UCLA and Arizona State) give them a great chance at a 5-0 record going into a showdown with USA on Oct. 13. 

Where CSU Is Going:

Back to the drawing board. KJ Carta-Samuels set CSU's single-game passing record against Hawaii. He also ... might not be very good? It's tough to tell if someone is actually good when performing mop-up duty behind Jake Browning. What we do know is the last time CSU procured a fancy transfer quarterback from a big-name school, Georgia transfer Faton Bauta in 2016, it did not go well. This go-round seems to be headed in the same direction.

Fortunately, for CSU, based on Hawaii's demolition of Navy this weekend and CU's form in the Rocky Mountain Showdown, it seems both teams are much better than people thought heading into the season.

Which brings me to the real question that needs to be answered here: WHO MADE CSU'S SCHEDULE? We must find this person, and bring him or her to justice.

CSU's next two games are against Arkansas and Florida, all but guaranteeing an 0-4 start. Seriously, which chucklehead was like "we'll start the season against a conference rival while also giving ourselves a week fewer to prepare because we, uh, want to show our fancy new stadium on national TV, and then we'll play our in-state rival in a dumb neutral-site game that everyone hates, and we'll follow that with two games against SEC teams to prove some weird point about scheduling?"

CSU's next winnable game is Sept. 22 against Illinois State. Fire the person who made the schedule. Yesterday.

CSU might make a lower-tier bowl game, but that would be asking a lot. Personally, I think it's time to play the kids and come back with a more experienced unit next year. In other words, punt.

What do YOU think? Did you attend the Rocky Mountain Showdown last weekend? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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