The biggest need for the Denver Broncos for the past few years has been a quarterback. However, the Broncos face another issue, and this time it’s on the defensive side.

For the past five seasons, Brandon Marshall has played the middle linebacker position for the Denver Broncos' defense. The position is considered to be of the same importance as the quarterback on the offensive side. Usually, he's the guy who is receiving the play call from the head coach or defensive coordinator, communicating that call to the rest of the defense, making sure the defense is set in their right spots, and then try to predict the offensive play about to be run.

That’s quite a list of tasks for one player. And Brandon Marshall has played the position about as good as anyone can in the NFL. However, the Broncos informed Marshall they will not be resigning him he will be on another team next year. That leaves the Broncos with a massive hole on defense.

The Broncos have a few options.

Drafted in the fourth round of last year's draft, Josey Jewell showed quite a bit of promise and the transition into the position would be relatively easy. The second option is free agency. While guys like CJ Mosley or Kwon Alexander have been efficient linebackers for other teams, they could come with a hefty price tag.

Finally, the Broncos could draft Devin White. Not only is he my personal favorite, but he'd give the Broncos and its defense the most long-term success.

If you haven’t heard the name Devin White, you will soon. At the NFL scouting combine, he ran a 4.42 40-yard dash. For comparison's sake, that's faster than what some running backs, receivers, and cornerbacks ran. A beast middle linebacker for Louisiana State University, White is a proficient tackler and able to guard tight ends and running backs in the passing game -- a matchup that has killed the Broncos over the past couple years.

In my opinion, he'd be the best linebacker the Broncos have drafted since Al Wilson and could easily be just as productive, if not better. This guy feels like a can’t-miss prospect, and I could easily see his name end up in the Broncos' Ring of Fame one day.

His draft stock is rising and he might not be there when the Broncos draft at No. 10. I know Broncos fans would want to trade up in the first round to get a quarterback like Kyler Murray or Drew Locke, but I disagree. I say the Broncos should trade up and find an anchor to their defense for the next 10-12 years with Devin White.

Check out Devin White's college highlight film if you're looking for yet another reason why the Broncos should draft him.

What do you think? Should the Broncos draft Devin White? Or go with the free agency? Sound off in the comments below.

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