Amaze your friends with any of these gorgeous rainbow-inspired makeup looks!

Colorful makeup is in right now, and it's not hard to see why. Blending all different colors of the rainbow allows for endless creativity, and the beauty community does not disappoint. There are endless possibilities with rainbow makeup, and perhaps that's what makes it so exciting. Here are 10 different rainbow-inspired makeup looks that are sure to amaze you with their vivid perfection.

Blended Rainbow Eyeshadow

If you're looking for a classic rainbow look, you can never go wrong with a nude lip and colorful eyeshadow, as you can see below. This look is beautiful and incorporates every color of the rainbow blended to perfection.


Courtesy of Mahar on Facebook

Cut Crease Rainbow Eyeshadow

Following the colorful eyeshadow paired with a nude lip method, this look opts for a select few colors of the rainbow that pop and inspire. The geometric look involves a cut crease for some extra flair.


Courtesy of Elle_byash on Facebook

SFX Rainbow Look

If you really want to impress, try this special effects look that reveals what's hiding underneath your skin—your colorful self! This look inspires and awes with its high levels of creativity.

Jea Wella Lagamon

Courtesy of Jea Wella Lagamon on Facebook

All-Over Rainbow Look

Go for all the drama with this gorgeous look! This look doesn't just stop at rainbow shadow, it goes all-in with glitter red lipstick, blue/green eyebrows and rainbow hair, and all things colorful.

Angela's Hair Skullptures

Courtesy of Angela's Hair Skullptures on Facebook

Rainbow Heart Waterfall

This look incorporates a rainbow cut crease with blue liner, hot pink lipstick, and a rainbow waterfall spilling out of your mouth and into a heart on your chest. It is gorgeous and the perfect way to put a real-life twist on a classic Snapchat filter we all used to know and love.


Courtesy of Lissypink10 on Facebook

Rainbow Cut Crease Look

This beautiful rainbow cut crease eyeshadow has warm tones on one eye and cool tones on the other to switch things up. Finish off the look with some blinding highlight, and you're good to go.


Courtesy of Slaybyjay on Facebook

Negative Space Rainbow Cut Crease

This look takes a fun twist on the rainbow cut crease. Switch out red for pink and starting at the inner corner of your eye, blend each shade out into each other all around the eye. Finish off the cut crease with a little gold sparkle liner and you're good to go!

Rachel Krate

Courtesy of Rachel Krate on Facebook

Geometric Rainbow Alien Spaceships

This look just screams creativity. On one eye, this look has some blended rainbow shades. The other eye boasts a galactic diamond, complete with flying saucers ready to abduct you with rainbow beams of light. I love this look and how out-of-the-box it is!

Makeup A Murder

Courtesy of Makeup A Murder on Facebook

Pastel Rainbow Look

This pastel eyeshadow look is all about the delicate details. The pastels are blended together and outwards to create a dreamy makeup look that is sure to make you feel as angelic as you look.

Simone Otis

Courtesy of Simone Otis on Facebook

Bright Rainbow Cut Crease

Lastly, if you have colorful hair (or even if you don't) you absolutely have to try this look that matches your eyebrows to your hair. The shadows are blended out beautifully, and the crease is cut to create this majestic, rainbow look.

Karen Michael

Courtesy of Karen Michael on Facebook

Which looks are you most excited to try? Was there any look that we missed? Share your ideas and let us know in the comments!