It's time to break out those ugly sweaters―here are our top picks for every personality type!

Are you waiting until the last minute to buy your holiday gifts this year? Well, we suggest buying an ugly holiday sweater for everyone on your "Naughty or Nice" list. We've scoured the web to compile the perfect ugly holiday sweater for all of your loved ones (or at least those that made it to your gift list).

For the fraternity bro or sorority sis

Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

For the true Star Wars fan

sweater yoda
Courtesy of Khols

For the feminist

sweater rbg
Courtesy of The Outrage

For the yogi

sweater meditation pose
Courtesy of Vintage Fly Clothing Co.

For the crazy cat lady

sweater cats
Courtesy of RAISEVERN

For the happy-go-lucky hippie

sweater hippie girl
Courtesy of Carolyn Schmidt CS

For the video game nerd

sweater video game
Courtesy of Carolyn Schmidt CS

For the hip-hop fanatic

sweater snoop dogg
Courtesy of Carolyn Schmidt CS

For the Jurassic Park fan

sweater dinosaur
Courtesy of Blizzard Bay Store

For the NASA enthusiast

sweater nasa santa
Courtesy of Ugly Christmas Sweater Company

For the big flirt

sweater nutcracker
Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

For the political junkie

sweater trump fake news
Courtesy of Tipsy Elves

For the first responder

sweater first responder cars
Courtesy of First Responder Apparel

For the lawyer

sweater allegedly
Courtesy of Funny Lawyer Ugly Christmas Designs Co.

For the foodie

sweater hamburger
Courtesy of Blizzard Bay Store

For the gym rat

sweater reindeer lifting
Courtesy of BCC Santa's Christmas Shirts & Jolly Gifts

For The Grinch

grinch sweater mean one
Courtesy of Universal

For the party-starter

sweater lit hanukkah
Courtesy of Imagin8

For the science nerd

science sweater elements
Courtesy of Fly Bird Shop

Well, there you have it! These are our 19 ugly holiday sweaters for every personality type. Which ones did we miss? Let us know in the comments below!

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