Still haven't found the perfect Halloween costume? Well, don’t fret! We've identified three of our favorite Halloween shops in Hampton Roads, where we're sure you’ll find success!

A major element of Halloween is the perfect costume. Whether it's for that party you’re attending or hosting, trick-or-treating with the kids, or delighting the neighborhood children when opening the door to hand out treats, the right costume is essential. Let's check out three of our Hampton Roads faves.

Echoes of Time Costumes and Vintage Clothing

Echoes of Time Halloween Costume Shop Virginia Beach Virginia Hampton Roads

Photos Courtesy of Echoes of Time

600 N. Witchduck Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Echoes of Time is known for their incredible collection of authentic vintage and reproduction costumes and accessories from multiple eras, including the Renaissance, the '20s, the '40s, the '50s, and more. During the Halloween season, they stock the most popular Halloween costumes, and there are options to rent or buy, depending on the garment or accessory. Echoes of Time also offers the highest quality theatrical makeup; therefore, if your costume is a "Spine-tingling Skull" check out OCN's three excellent ideas, take these and visit the make-up section to complete a mind-blowing look.

You'll find stacks of multi-era hats, masks, wigs, fake wounds, and more for sale. They also offer vintage men's and women's shoes for rent and everything needed to make your costume complete. One of my favorites at Echoes of Time is the large display case of spectacular vintage and estate jewelry to give that additional authentic element to your costume. After all, that’s how they started: in an antique mall in the late 1970s, evolving into the iconic Hampton Roads costumier they are today.

Novelties Unlimited

Novelties Unlimited Halloween Costume Shop Norfolk Virginia Hampton Roads

Courtesy of Novelties Unlimited

410 West 21st Street, Norfolk, VA 23517

Novelties Unlimited is family-owned and has been open since 1980. They stock hundreds of costumes, accessories, masks, hats, make-up, and more, and they also offer a wide selection of rental costumes. Their inventory is so incredible that their website only offers a glimpse at their selection. Therefore, I suggest you peruse their website, then visit their shop to see the entire inventory for your own inspiration in person. I know you’ll be amazed.

Also, here’s a little tip that you might not know about Novelties Unlimited: they have some of the coolest props to rent if you’re hosting your own themed party. They are gala-worthy and will elevate your party to the next level; your guests will be in awe. 

When you walk into Novelties Unlimited and see the large clown face hanging on the back wall, we’ll just say he’s greeting you … you know you’ve arrived at one of the best locally owned costume shops in Hampton Roads.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween Costume Shops Hampton Roads Virginia

Photos Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Seven Locations in Hampton Roads (click here for one nearest you)

Spirit Halloween stores are annual pop-ups that have several locations in the Hampton Roads area. The stores open in late August and remain open through early November. Their motto is “So Much Fun It’s Scary,” and that is a true statement as the company wants their customers to enjoy an “entertaining and interactive-in-store experience.”

They are stocked with all things Halloween. They have a wide variety of licensed movie, TV, and gaming costumes, such as the iconic Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, or the hysterical TV show that never gets old, The Office

The stores are set up with props and animatronics so when you walk in you can expect a somewhat scary adventure. Sorry, my friends, you can’t purchase this costume shopping experience online.

Where is your favorite place to shop for Halloween costumes?? Have you visited one or more of our suggestions? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Also, don't forget to tag us on your social media with your Halloween get-ups at #OCN.