Washington, D.C., summers can be rough on our hair.

With the heat, humidity, and whatever else the weather throws at us, hair can get frizzy and stale in an instant, no matter how much time you spent prepping it. So, while we all wish we could wear our locks in loose waves all summer long, sometimes you have to think of more practical solutions. But that doesn’t mean those solutions need to be boring. Here are three fashionable hairstyles to try this summer in D.C. to keep you (and your hair) cool.

The Braided Ponytail

A regular ponytail is predictable, but a braided ponytail provides the perfect twist on a classic. Pull your hair up into a high pony and tie with an elastic. Then braid the ponytail part tightly and fasten with another elastic at the end. Viola! Braided ponytail. It will keep your hair out of your face and looks super chic for the office.


Courtesy of hairdrome.com

The Messy Bun

Sure, we’ve all done a messy bun before, but it doesn’t always look effortless. Sometimes it just looks messy. Try twisting your hair up into a tighter bun first, and then pull out pieces to create that slightly disheveled look. Or pull your hair up into a half pony, not releasing all the way and pull forward to get that I didn’t try to get this high bun look. A conscious messy bun is a great hairstyle for the weekend, running errands, shopping, or walking your dog.


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Half Up, Half Down

The half up, half down look allows you to keep your hair down, but without it all being in your face. There’s also less opportunity for frizz since half of it will be up in a bun. Basically, pull the top part of your hair into a small, tight bun right at the top of your head and let all the other hair loose. Wear this hairstyle out on a romantic date or brunch on the patio with your friends.  


Courtesy of Pinterest.com

What’s your favorite hairstyle to beat the heat in Washington, D.C.? Share in the comments below.

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