Summer festivals were made to experiment with fashion, right?

You can let your hair down, wear something sheer or tasseled or completely different from your usual style. Here are four fashion trends to try at all the outdoor summer festivities you’re headed to in and around D.C. this summer. 

Tassel Details

Tassels are so in this year, and they’ve got this incredibly Bohemian, effortless vibe for summer. You can put a tassel on pretty much anything, so go as big or as small as you want with this trend. If you want to really embrace the festival lifestyle, wear a tasseled mini dress or tasseled crop top. Go really bold with a two-piece, tasseled top and short set. 

If you just want a little tassel, try a tasseled earring, like these cute ones from Bauble Bar.  

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Who knew that a onesie could be so fashionable? Because rompers have become so stylish recently, designers have expanded their offerings, and now have rompers in all shapes, sizes, prints, patterns, details -- you name it. Anyone can pull off a romper as long as it’s properly fitted. 

For festivals, they’re just easy. You only have one piece of clothing to worry about, and it’s a very comfortable piece. So, while you’re spending tons of time outside, walking, sitting, and dancing, the romper will keep you cool and collected no matter the activity. 

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Belt Bags

Yes, the fanny pack is back with a vengeance. Except, this is not your grandmother’s fanny pack. Think high-fashion bag, but around your waist. They are actually perfect for summer festivals because you can be hands-free. No more worrying about leaving your bag anywhere because it’s tied around your waist. And you have more hands for holding your drink, taking pictures, and anything else on your agenda. 

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Something Sheer

It’s a summer festival, not the office, so now would be the time to play around with something a little bit more risqué. Some are cool going full sheer, with a pretty black bra underneath, while others can try an exposed sheer shoulder sleeve or panel. Or throw a completely sheer dress or top over a cami and shorts to create a fun, yet more appropriate look. 


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What’s your festival style? Let us know in the comments below!

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