In a hurry but still want to look put together? Scarves are an easy way to elevate a basic outfit. Here are four options for this fall's favorite accessory.

The temperatures are dropping and you're getting ready to dash out for a packed day. You’re wearing your favorite jeans, plain top, and boots, but what else could you add to give your outfit some much-needed oomph? Reach for a scarf! It will keep you warm and cozy and can also add a pop of color or texture to your look. 

1.The neutral infinity scarf

This is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Not only is it simple and classy, but it will go with pretty much any color. This inexpensive scarf from H&M comes in black or beige in a lightweight knit for under $20.


2. The blanket scarf

This classic tartan scarf from Nordstrom is perfect for wandering the moors à la Outlander or just hitting a tailgate party. Throw it over a thin turtleneck, cinch it with a thin belt, or simply cuddle it like a blanket if you find yourself out by a bonfire. 


Courtesy of Nordstrom

3. Chunky Knit

This option is the ultimate in cozy accessories. You won't feel the chill with one of these babies on and you can always pull it up to create a makeshift hood. This fun popcorn knit scarf from Land's End looks like it could withstand a blizzard!


4. Feminine Floral

Don't underestimate the warmth of a thinner, oblong scarf. Double it and pull the ends through the loop or just wind it around a couple of times. The best thing about a thinner material is that it can be worn in the warmer seasons, too. This pretty black floral scarf from Loft is neutral enough that it would go with almost anything.


The best thing about scarves is that one size fits all! They're a great, inexpensive way to change up any outfit. Refresh your fall wardrobe with one of these affordable accessories!

Do you have a favorite type of scarf to bring out in the fall? Let us know where you got it in the comments!