"Extra"? Maybe. But also oh-so-helpful!

Picture this: You have just left the lot at Beyer Mazda in Winchester. Your new Miata is ready to hit the road, but as you pull out of the lot, you feel something just isn’t right. Your brand new zoom zoom is incredible, but dare I say, it’s not … EXTRA. At least not yet. 

Much like that Miata, being "extra" is a trait for those who dare to be bold, fun, and practical. And only those who are extra will find joy in a practical but oh-so-extra car accessory. Dare to take the road less traveled? Dare to explore the realms of comfort, technology, and the EXTRAordinary? Well then, here are the top five most extra car accessories you can order on Amazon today! You're welcome. 

1. Pilot Automotive PR-039 French Fry Holder

French fry holder

Can your cup holder hold your french fries? I didn’t think so. We have all been there. You make your way through the drive-through and get ready to nibble on those scrumptious fries when you realize there is no practical way to enjoy them. 

The Pilot Automotive French Fry Holder is the perfect accessory you didn't know you needed. It sits comfortably in your cup holder and can accommodate standard-sized fries from any of your favorite fast food stops. Your fries will sit upright and steady so that you can focus on the road while you let your fingers do the real navigating. If you are riding around with children, then the French Fry Holder is great for holding milk or juice cartons too! 

2. Bowknot Leather Neck Pillow Headrest Cushion

Bow tie cushion

Why review a standard neck pillow like the LANGRIA Infinity-Shape Car Neck Pillow when there are products that offer a lot more pizzazz? The Bowknot Leather Neck Pillow Headrest Cushion takes car accessories that are extra to an adorable new level. 

These cute neck pillows give you an added level of support and comfort when you are on the road. The perfect add-on if you have to deal with long commutes, they're made out of a comfortable PU leather and are super plump and durable. Plus, the hot pink color is so distinct you will never lose your car in a parking lot again. 

3. Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger with Car Finder

If you do lose your car in a parking lot, don’t even sweat it. The Nonda ZUS Smart Car Charger with Car Finder might be an over-the-top extra car accessory for some, but for others, it is a necessity. 

This nifty little device works as a car charger, but its awesomeness lies in the fact that it is a car finder as well. We have all suffered the frustration and embarrassment of parking in a garage or a huge lot and wandering around aimlessly because we don't remember where we parked. With the downloadable app, the Nonda Zus will point you in the right direction in a matter of seconds. 

4. Tasiro Handmade Blue Rhinestone Crown Valve Stem Caps

rhinestone crown valve stem cap

Being extra takes on a whole new meaning with these rhinestone crown valve stem caps. Some people will tell you that beauty is in the details. Well, these crown valve stem caps certainly can attest to that. 

Featuring an eye-catching, large rhinestone gem on top and smaller-sized rhinestones on the side, these rhinestone stem caps come in a variety of colors. Plus, they offer a universal fit for SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and cars, so now you have no excuse not to order them! 

5. Upper Bound License Plate Bottle Opener

Bottle cap opener

Another one of the most extra car accessories that you didn't know you needed was the license plate bottle opener from Upper Bound. This license plate bottle opener is installed in the rear of your car and conveniently allows you to crack open a cold one without needing any additional accessories. 

It’s not just extra, it’s durable, too. Its made out of black powder-coated cast aluminum so you never have to worry about it failing you. Installation is super-easy, and once installed, you won’t be able to tell it's there. Its practicality and ease-of-use make it the best purchase for someone who tailgates or camps out. 

If you are not one to buy over-the-top "extra" car accessories, we can understand that. That’s why our list is composed of only practical extra car accessories (well, except for those rhinestone crown valve stem caps, those truly are for the purpose of being extra). What are some of your favorite ridiculous car accessories that you love? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section!