More and more mainstream clothing stores are adding plus-sized lines, and the results are great!

For those of us who have to shop in the plus-sized section of department stores, it's slim pickin's. At my local Target, I can only choose from about four racks while "regular" sizes and Juniors take up the majority of the ladies' clothing floor.

Once you do find clothes in your size, you're then faced with a plethora of wooden buttons, animal prints, and old-lady appliqué. It's a bit frustrating, to say the least. Here is a list of plus-sized lines from brands you know and love.


Preppy Ann Taylor styling isn't just for smaller girls anymore. Loft has an extensive line of plus-sized clothing now, and many of the items are the same as the standard sizes, just bigger. This is an excellent source for work-friendly pieces, flirty dresses, and weekend wear. This wrap dress is currently $64.99 with an extra 40 percent off with a promo code!


Courtesy of Loft

Land's End

Best known for their duck boots and barn jackets, Land's End has got some pretty great wardrobe staples. Remember twinsets? You can find all sorts of layering pieces here in colors that match from inside to out. This is huge for people who are matchy-matchy with their office sweaters. Their stretch-knit dresses are also great for summer.

This pretty floral number is only $45.99, and the cut is very flattering to all shapes.


Courtesy of Land's End


Yes, the home of the $32 dish towel does have a plus-sized line now! It was released this spring, in case you've got major FOMO flipping through it. As expected, the clothes are on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. In this case, it's innovative, high-quality designs with thoughtful touches like pockets and full lining. I'd get a special occasion dress here or a statement piece like a great all-season skirt.

This gorgeous red dress is a timeless piece that would easily make up for the $130 price tag.

red dress

Courtesy of Anthropologie


This high-end department store does a wonderful job of pulling together the best plus-sized designs both in-store and online. A trip to the Nordstrom website shows hundreds of options from casual clothes to luxurious gowns.

This $178 cocktail dress will make quite a statement at your next special event.

cocktail dress

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Old Navy

Many people already know about this, but Old Navy has a pretty wide selection of plus-sized garments. The thing is, they're not carried in their stores, only online. Once you find a size or style that fits you well, stock up. Basics like long-sleeved T-shirts change from year to year, and you can't guarantee you'll consistently get the same fit.

This adorable dress is on sale for 50 percent off right now and would ring up for just $19! Be careful with the care instructions, though; Old Navy clothes are not known for lasting years and years.


Courtesy of Old Navy

Of course, there are plenty of plus-sized only lines like Torrid, Eloquii, Lane Bryant, and The Avenue. It's so refreshing, though, to see more mainstream clothiers branching out.

What's your favorite plus-sized clothing line? Let us know in the comments!