CBD-infused skin care products have taken over the world of beauty, but is it more than just another trendy ingredient?

Over the past few years, a CBD craze has invaded the U.S. It's been found everywhere from coffee to therapeutic oil specifically for pets. It's practically become a part of every industry you could imagine, but nothing quite compares to the influence it's had on the beauty industry. It's not just found in products developed by small businesses, this ripple effect has even reached the high-end beauty world with products being sold at Barney's New York and mainstream outlets, like Sephora.

If you have been wondering if this is just another passing fad in the ever-changing world of beauty, think again. CBD oil has the power to seal in moisture and fight off inflammation and redness in addition to making you feel more relaxed overall. The trick is finding the right products that have the perfect recipe for beautiful skin.

Luckily, we've taken out most of the leg work and found some CBD-infused products that your skin will love. From facial oil and body cream to sheet masks and sleep masks, each one of these seven products will get you the skin you want. Check them out below. 

Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil

Herbivore Emerald Facial Oil

Courtesy of Herbivorebotanicals.com

Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil is infused with essential hempseed oil and chocked full of other skin loving goodness, like omega fatty acids and meadowfoam sea oil to deeply penetrate and moisturize pores without clogging them. It was designed to fight free radicals from the environment and combat redness. This wonderful face oil by Herbivore will help your skin stay calm and moisturized all day long.

Lord Jones High CBD Formula Body Oil

Courtesy of Lordjones.com

Lord Jones has quickly become one of the more well-known brands for CBD oil infused products. That's because their high-quality products are moisturizing and protective, and their CBD body oil won't let you down. The silky, luxurious oil contains avocado, jojoba, and safflower oils to provide quick-absorbing moisture that will quench your skin's thirst. You can use it on your face and body to create an even skin tone.

Face Mask by CoSo Beauty

CoSo CBD Coconut Gel Sheet Mask

Courtesy of Cosohealthandbeauty.com

Sheet masks are an easy way to get glowing skin without all the mess of traditional masks and this CBD-infused coconut gel mask by CoSo Beauty is one worth trying. According to CoSo Beauty, each mask contains the rich concentrated moisture of one whole coconut along with rosemary and licorice extract. To top it all off, you get the calming effect of CBD oil to soothe your skin. This mask is guaranteed to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your face a firm, youthful texture.

Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream

Cannuka Nourishing Body Cream

Courtesy of Dermstore.com

Cannuka's Nourishing Body Cream is the perfect product to keep redness and blemishes at bay without losing any moisture. This rich cream not only has inflammation-reducing CBD oil, but also manuka honey and hydraulic acid for deep, anti-aging moisture. This body cream will definitely give your entire body a healthy, balanced glow while nourishing it all day long. It smells amazing, glides on easily, and absorbs quickly so you don't have to deal with greasy residue.

Proleve CBD Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb

Proleve 30mg CBD Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb

Courtesy of Proleve.com

There is nothing more relaxing than a nice long soak in the tub. It doesn't seem like anything could make it much better, but wait until you try Proleve's CBD Himalayan Salt Bath Bomb. This will soothe your achy muscles and calm your mind. Proleve prides themselves on creating organic bath bombs that only contain six ingredients; each one picked to nourish your skin and release all the tension from your body. Each bath bomb contains 30 mg of CBD so you will feel looser than you ever felt before. 

The CBD Skincare Co. Exfoliating Cleanser

CBD Skincare Company Exfoliating Cleanser

Courtesy of Cbdskincarecompany.com

To have the clear, glowing skin you dream of, you have to exfoliate at least once a week, but some exfoliators can feel too rough and can leave you feeling dried out. This exfoliating cleanser by The CBD Skincare Co. gives you the perfect balance of softness and the natural grit of jojoba beads so you can smooth and moisturize your skin all at once. It also contains a powerful combination of CBD oil, glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acids to combat uneven skin tone and aging. 

Kana Skincare Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Kana CBD Lavender Sleeping Mask

Courtesy of Kanaskincare.com

Wake up to beautiful skin with Kana Skincare's Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask. This mask seriously packs a punch and has 28 beneficial ingredients that will instantly infuse nourishing moisture into your skin. The cannabis sativa hemp seed extract will calm your skin while beta-glucan and hyaluronic acid work to fight wrinkles and improve elasticity. Lavender is perfect for calming and evening your skin while providing relaxing aromas that make it easy to doze off. 

From the looks of it, CBD oil isn't going to be leaving the beauty industry any time soon. So, which product will you be trying? Let us know in the comments.