Business in the front, party in the back.

Jaxon Crossland, an 8-year-old from Celeste, Texas, now has a claim to fame that few others share; he sports a championship-winning mullet on the top of his dome. Jax took home the top prize at the Kids Mullet 2020 Championships competition and won himself a title and a nice $500 cash prize. Sponsored by USA Mullet Championships, the contest was looking for the absolute best mullet a kid can grow.

People were thrilled to find out that such a thing as a mullet championship existed, and kids from all over the country jumped into the competition. All the entries were great—kids are really cute in mullets, it turns out. 

“The COVID Campershell” was a clever one, as was the “Tennessee Top Hat.” Kids of all ages from 1.5 to 14 participated.

Check out the finalists here

Entries are already open for the 2021 competition; contestants must be under the age of 18, and it must be real hair growing out of a human’s head, no wigs allowed. Right now there is only a kid’s contest, however, the hope is to get one started for adults soon. 

“This business-in-the-front, the party-in-the-back style has been around way before it was popularized by actors and rock stars in the 1980s. According to some historians, the mullet has been around since at least Ancient Greece, where the style was as much for function as it was for fashion…What may have been considered a trashy style by many even just a few years ago has become a chic look sported by those of us who have a tendency to look coolest," said USA Mullet Championships.

Congratulations to Jax on his big win! You can learn more about Jax and his hair journey on his Facebook page, Hot Rod Jaxon

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