Look Ma, no laces! The Nike GO Flyease hits the market as the company's first hands-free shoe.

Athletic shoes have always been about comfort, but Nike, always the innovator, somehow made them even easier to wear. The company just unveiled the Nike GO Flyease, their first-ever hands-off sneaker that was made with adaptive athletes in mind. But their easy-peasy design gives them universal appeal, ideal for any situation that requires you to be on your feet. Whether you play basketball or take them for a spin around the block, these are a win-win!

So how do they work? For starters, the shoe is constructed with a hinge that pulls apart and allows for easy access upon the foot entering. It looks like the sole is breaking in half when you put it on, but don't worry! That's how they're supposed to function. Unlike the typical slip-on (think Vans or Keds) they grip comfortably around the foot, which is made possible by a nifty rubber band wrapped around the exterior.

No more crushing the heel tab to avoid untying the laces—just slip in or out of them whenever you please. A teaser of the shoe's creation revealed that the prototype used surgical tubing for the "tensioner" present in the final product. Also, can we take a moment to mention the dreamy pastel colorway? Nike always hits it out of the park with bold aesthetics and these certainly do not disappoint. They would fit right in with icons like the Cortez or Air Force 1's!

With their funky shape and innovative technology, these kicks stand out in the footwear market and would make a fresh addition to any closet. While Nike members can get their hands on the sneaker on February 15, the rest of us will have to wait to grab a pair later this year. That's okay with us—they'll be more than worth it! Each pair retails for $120. You can get the full scoop here.

What do you think of the GO Flyease sneaker? Will you be buying a pair when they come out? Let us know in the comments.