Cute workout clothes make the actual workout that much better, don't they? 

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite athletic brands and what they're best known for! Find out which brands are best at what so you can elevate your workout and your workout style. Because it’s much better to work out in style

Bandier: for stylish sports bras and workout sets

Bandier is the workout brand for the fashion-forward. Bloggers, influencers, models, and workout enthusiasts all love Bandier, and, why wouldn’t they? The brand focuses on quality material, flattering cuts, and efficient designs that make exercising a blast. 

If you like to look luxurious during your fitness routine, Bandier is the brand for you. Stock up on their pretty sports bras and show off their selection of matching sets. And if you want Bandier badly but don’t necessarily have the money to buy all you want there, try scrounging the sale section. They’ve always got a great deal or two. 


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Nike: for the most comfortable, effortless tennis shoes

Nike is a classic athletic clothing brand, but what you should really be focusing on here are the tennis shoes. The newer design of the Nike sneakers features a super lightweight material with a soft cushioning that molds to your foot as you run, dance, or do whatever form of cardio pleases you. 

Plus, they look great with a pair of jeans, shorts, and joggers so you can rock the athleisure trend when you’re not lifting weights at the gym. 


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Lululemon: for the softest, stretchiest leggings

Lululemon is the place to shop for workout leggings, and we love how many different style options they have to choose from. Whether you need classic yoga pants, want a longer pant for barre or a shorter capri pant for dance class, they’ve got you covered. And you don’t just need to get some basic colors here. The gym is the perfect place to sport (put intended) bright colors, print, pattern, and fun details. 

If quality and fit is really important to you, Lululemon is the place you need to head to. However, this brand also tends to be pricier, so make sure you’re taking advantage of the sale section. And remember that buying something better for a little more money will last you much longer than going for the cheap deal. 


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Bonus: Tjmaxx, for the best affordable finds

Sure, you won’t find a luxurious brand like Bandier at Tjmaxx, but they’ve got a lot of other great brands for you to choose from, all at affordable price points. And if you really don’t care about what specific brand you’re wearing to sweat, but you still -- you know -- want to look cute at the gym or fitness studio, this is the spot for you. 


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What is your favorite athletic clothing brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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