This is the way.

America is loving The Mandalorian, and now we have the chance to own some of the same coveted armor, in the form of a new jacket and hood. In the first season of The Mandalorian, audience members witnessed how difficult and costly it was for Mando to obtain new armor. It might be just as challenging and expensive for you to find a jacket in stock.

Check out the full line of Mandalorian jackets offered by Columbia on December 4. With many of the jackets already sold out, head on over to eBay where you might be able to find your size.

"Columbia is proudly partnering with Star Wars™ to bring you special-edition gear inspired by The Mandalorian™. From the bounty hunter to the Child, this collection is crafted to take on the elements while inspiring the journey," writes the company.

The line of jackets is inspired by none other than Beskar armor. "This warm, lightweight collection features sleek sculpted designs, premium materials, and industry-leading technologies that keep you protected. And may bring in a bounty or two."

Child Bunting ($50) mimics the look of "Baby Yoda" as does the line of children's jackets ($75-$80). Adult jackets cost $300, while adult hoodies are $120.

The second season of The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney+. The popular series follows a Mandalorian as he navigates the world to return a "Baby Yoda" (FYI ... that's not his real name) to his kind.

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