Brides rejoice as Converse drops a new collection of wedding shoes.

As comfort continues to reign over style in the fashion world, Converse is leading the charge with its latest collection of wedding shoes. Yep, you heard that right. Converse has the perfect pair of shoes for you to rock on your big day. 

The official line is called Converse Wedding Sneakers, and Converse touts the following: "Tie the knot in style and comfort in a fresh pair of Converse sneakers available in white, black, and metallic colors for your wedding party. Give your nuptials the Step Up!"


This unconventional footwear has some brides scratching their heads, but for many, it's about time these classic shoes came in a formal option for wedding wear. It’s not quite clear when Converse caught on as the wedding shoe for comfort-conscious brides, but in early 2016, the trend (then fad) caught onto social media, and many young brides ran with it. What many thought was an unusual and unsightly look slowly grew to be accepted by millennials. 

Though you can’t just wear any Converse shoes under your dress, WeddingWire explains there are some do’s and don’t with your Converse wedding shoes. Here are some basic rules to follow: 

  • Keep your colors light so that they complement your dress. 
  • No-show socks go well with low-cut, slip-on, and platform Converse shoes. Depending on your outfit, stockings may or may not go with your high-top Converse. 
  • You can never have too much glitter. 
  • Choose platforms to give you an extra height boost if you need it. 
  • You can always add bling to your Converse. (Many Etsy stores will happily custom-alter them for you)
  • Converse shoes will command the look of your outfit already; no need to proclaim bold colors with your shoes. 
  • Coordinating with your bridal group or groom is always a win. 


The Converse wedding sneakers line has a couple of options you can choose from. Some of their most popular options include the Industrial Glam, the Glitter Shine Chuck Taylor All Stars, and the Giltter Shine Chuck All Star. You can even outfit your wedding party through their Custom Converse option that allows you to custom-tailor your Converse shoes exactly the way you want to. 

What do you think? Would you wear Converse with your wedding gown? Tell us in the comments!