There's a mask for every day of the week!

Crayola is keeping Halloween fun with a new set of Halloween-themed cloth face masks. The face masks are adorable and affordable! With bright colors and cheery-yet-spooky caricatures on each mask, these are perfect for Halloween for everyday wear. They're available to fit children, teens, and adults.

The reusable cloth masks come in a set of five, and are currently the No. 1 seller for children’s costume masks on Amazon. They're so popular that the item was temporarily on backorder, but, according to Amazon, if you order now, delivery is expected between October 5-9.

Crayola Face mask
Courtesy of Crayola

Crayola’s reusable face masks have become a favorite among parents and children due to the soft feel, the 3-D design, and bright fun colors and designs. The newest offering comes with five different faces: witch, ghost, mummy, pumpkin, and a vampire.

Crayola also offers a days-of-the-week Halloween face mask set. That one also comes with five reusable and machine washable face masks, these ones have the crayon faces on them dressed up as a different spooky face for each day of the week.

Each set costs $23.99 on Amazon or $29 through Crayola’s website.

Will your Halloween costume include a funky or fun face mask this year? Let us know what your favorite Halloween themed facemasks are right now in the comments.