A ring is said to have cut the silent film star's life short and caused misery to all who have come in possession of it.

Back in the days when silent films were the height of entertainment and Hollywood glamour reigned supreme, there was one actor who set hearts aflutter with his chiseled jawline, dark features, and sultry stare. Ladies, say "hello" to Rudolph Valentino.

rudolph valentino

I just got pregnant.

Rudolph's film career was sensational, that is, until the day he treated himself to a new ring. The striking tiger's eye stone set in a simple silver setting drew Rudolph in immediately at first glance. The shopkeeper warned him that previous owners of the ring had been met with bad luck, but Rudolph didn't care. After coming into possession of the ring, his next film flopped and his career never fully recovered to reach the level of his earlier successes. At the age of 31, Rudolph died due to complications stemming from perforated gastric ulcers. Oh, it's probably worth mentioning that the condition was so rare for the time that they named it after him.

The ring was then passed on to Rudolph's lover and screen starlet, Pola Negri. She too fell ill and her acting career was cut short until she gave the ring away to a singer and actor by the name of Russ Columbo. Just days after receiving the ring, Russ was shot in the head by accident at a friend's home. Russ's possessions, including the ring, were bequeathed to his cousin. The cousin chose to give the ring to Russ's best friend, Joe Casino, who then locked it away for years in a display case. When Joe felt brazen enough to wear the allegedly cursed ring around town, he was killed when a truck hit his car.

tigers eye stone

While it may not be outlandish, the tiger's eye stone possesses a subtle elegance that complements masculine jewelry well.

Joe's brother, Del, was next to inherit the ring and wore it frequently and even loaned it out without any issues. Del was convinced that the curse was just a load of bunk until a thief by the name of James Willis broke in and stole the ring. He was later killed by police as he was running away.

Del then gave the ring to film director, Edward Small, to be used for his movie about Rudolph. Small gave it to a budding actor, Jack Dunn, to wear it as part of his portrayal of Rudolph. Jack died two weeks later of blood poisoning from tularemia.

Del retrieved the ring and kept it tucked away in his home until his death of natural causes. Those in charge of Del's estate after his passing placed his possessions in a bank vault in Los Angeles. Unfortunately for the bank, the ring's presence did not do the establishment any favors. The bank was robbed twice and the ring was stolen a second time. Much like the fate of James Willis, the thieves were also shot dead during a police chase. The bank later underwent a three-week cashier's strike and then caught fire. 

At present, the ring's whereabouts are unknown.