Let's go shopping!

It's time to go shopping for a great cause! The Denver Zoo is working with a number of local companies to offer co-branded items with proceeds benefiting the Denver Zoo and its global animal causes.

What are you wearing? What are you drinking? What sporting equipment do you use? Check out these incredible options that boast quality, great looks, and the great feeling of giving back to help protect the animals of the world.

"Denver Zoo is thrilled to collaborate with a variety of local heroes on the wildest co-branded collection in Colorado! Shop our corporate sponsors in good conscience, knowing that a portion of proceeds go to benefit wildlife and wild places—here in Denver, and around the world."

Primal Cycling Jerseys

Cycle in style with one of two designs (leopard or penguin). "In celebration of Denver Zoo's 125th Anniversary, we've teamed up with the cycling gear experts at Primal to ensure you'll look great coming AND going, no matter where your two wheels take you."

Meier Skis

Swoosh down the slopes with these skis for a great cause benefitting Miss Tundra. "Starring our own grizzly girl and handcrafted from Western Slope beetle-kill pine, these exclusive co-branded Meier Skis."

Great Divide

Cheers to the Denver Zoo and its animal causes! Sales of Zooski Lager provides a full 40% of proceeds to benefit the Denver Zoo. This lager is available at the Great Divide Brewing Company's Ballpark Tap Room or RiNo Barrel Bar.

Coda Coffee

Choose one of four blends and gain your daily amount of caffeine. Or try all four blends (we won't judge!) with the Denver Zoo 4-Pack. Sumatra Arisarina, Mexican Majomut, Brazil Afasa Microlot, and Kenya Microlot fill your cup while benefitting the Denver Zoo.

Stem Ciders

From Lafayette, Colorado, Stem Ciders has crafted cider since 2013 with quality, style, and tradition. "United by our shared values of community and sustainability, Denver Zoo collaborated with Stem Ciders on a limited-edition 4-pack featuring a variety of beloved animal residents. Find this special cider at Acreage, Stem Ciders RiNo Taproom, and throughout our campus!"

Coming Soon

If the rumors are true, more limited-edition pint glasses from the Great Divide Brewing Company are in the works. There were pint glasses offered (focusing on African lions and three-toed sloths), but they sold out quickly. Keep watching for the release of the new glasses.

Sold Out

Goodr provides sunglasses that make you look great for every occasion. They offered a limited-edition pair of bright pink sunglasses, Party Like a Flockstar, featuring flamingos. And that makes sense as you'll find flamingos sprinkled throughout their site and merchandise. These sunglasses were ridiculously popular and sold out quickly. It's unclear if Goodr will restock these sunglasses or collaborate with the Denver Zoo on another iconic pair.

Stem Ciders and the Denver Zoo teamed up to create limited-edition glassware perfect for cider. These glasses featured giraffes, rhinos, and lions (oh my!) and rode off into the African safari sunset as they sold out. We wonder if Stem Ciders and the Denver Zoo are putting their heads together to offer another set of glassware featuring other animals?

History of the Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo opened as Bear Mountain back in 1918. Since that time, the zoo has continued to grow. The 1959 master plan was fully realized with the addition of Tropical Discovery in 1993. Visitors from around the world have marveled at the animals thriving in a more natural habitat than animal cages.

"The Millennium Master Plan oversaw the development of Primate Panorama with two phases, one in 1996 and one in 2002, a new main entrance welcoming guests immediately to the award-winning Predator Ridge in 2004, and Toyota Elephant Passage in 2012. These improvements to Denver Zoo have affirmed its place as a leader in exhibit design and visitor experience."

What have you purchased to support the Denver Zoo? What merchandise would you like to see paired with the beloved zoo in the heart of Denver? Tell us more in the comments below.