When COVID-19 comes along
You must whip it
Before the virus goes very wrong
You must whip it

Can you believe DEVO's iconic song "Whip It" is celebrating its 40-year anniversary? Yikes. This song remains one of my biggest earworms from the '80s, so much so that I often wake up at 3 a.m. with it running in my head. It's weird, I know, but I digress.

And of course, who can forget the amazing hats DEVO began wearing in 1980, the year "Whip It" came out. Yep, those interesting pyramid-esque head coverings evoke a LEGO feeling while also ensuring you never forget who DEVO is. 

"DEVO...introduced the ENERGY DOME in tandem with our 1980 LP. Graphically bold design in aggressive, primary red it became the most iconic symbol of the band’s multi-media mission to spread the idea of Devolution. We explained that once the dome was placed on your head it recycled the electrical energy that regularly escapes from your brain. People of course laughed. Now the dome is no longer a source of controversy or derision. Its popularity is a sort of proof that De-evolution is real!" the band wrote on its Facebook page. 

Now, thanks to the addition of a face shield, you can proudly wear your own Energy Dome out and about. You can preorder a PPE kit that includes the Energy Dome and a detachable face shield. You will have to provide your own hard hat liner, which you can glue into the dome. 

energy dome ppe

"The Dome is solid and the attached Shield is clear but it’s what you can’t see that gets you! Stay safe from invisible particles and unwanted bodily fluids in this coordinated, disease blocking, DEVO Energy Dome PPE kit headgear. The Shield attaches to your Energy Dome via Velcro. It’s simple and it’s safe!" says the official DEVO Shop. If the Energy Dome isn't your style, you can also purchase a simple face mask with the dome image on it to put your fandom on display for all to see.  

"As you know the Coronavirus pandemic squashed any DEVO 2020 concert plans for the time being. We shall see what happens. In the meantime we know that as the lockdown is eased human interactions at concerts, sporting events, etc. mean that masks are part of our foreseeable future. To that end DEVO will be offering two classic designs for your PPE mask needs. We have a spiffy, clear plastic, DEVO PPS Shield that is designed to attach easily to the DEVO Energy Dome to protect you from invisible microbes and unwanted bodily fluids. Stay safe in devolved style!" said DEVO's Gerald Casele on the band's Facebook page. 

You can check out the DEVO PPE mask, as well as other cool merch to celebrate the band's release of their Freedom of Choice LP, on the fan shop

Are you a DEVO-tee? Will you be purchasing the Energy Dome PPE to stay protected in style? Let us know in the comments below!