America’s favorite dressing maker has upped its game with a new summer clothing line.

Summertime is the season of ranch dressing, and now you can not only dip your favorite eats in the silky goodness, but you can also wear it. Yes, you heard that right! Hidden Valley Ranch released a line of ranch dressing-themed summer merchandise.

You can float your summer days away on an inflatable bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch and dry yourself off with a fluffy towel declaring, “You Either Love It or You Love It!”. A beach tote, water bottle, shirts, and pizza- and ranch-patterned swimwear for men and women (below).

Hidden Valley Ranch swimwear, men's and women's

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch (Facebook).

Prices for the Hidden Valley merchandise start at $15 and go up to $160 (for a 6.5-foot inflatable bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch or a cascading ranch fountain). All items are available until supplies last and can be purchased online.

Did you know Hidden Valley Ranch is an actual ranch? The company was created back in the 1950s by real-life ranchers Steve and Gayle Henson. The dressing surprisingly got its start in Alaska where Steve Henson worked as a plumbing contractor in the 1940s. He liked to feed his workers and began playing around with the recipe while working with crews building homes in Anchorage.

Moving with his wife Gayle to California in 1954, Henson purchased 100 acres of land outside of Santa Barbara and named it "Hidden Valley Guest Ranch." After feeding his recipe to lodgers there, for many years, Henson eventually was able to turn Hidden Valley Ranch into a business of its own. Starting out as a mail-order company selling dry seasoning packets with instructions on how to make the dressing, Hidden Valley Ranch made its way to all 50 states. Eventually, Hidden Valley made its way to store shelves, and then, in the 1970s, was purchased by the Clorox Company.  

The 1980s brought more than just unforgettable fashion, it also was the time when Hidden Valley Ranch finally released bottled dressing, which literally changed the salad dressing game forever.

ranch dressing GIF

I know I’ll be eating my weight in Hidden Valley Ranch this summer! What about you? Will Our Community Now readers be living the ranch life this summer and rocking some Hidden Valley merch? Let us know what you think about the new line of summer items in the comments below.