Get crafty with it!

Getting dressed up and having a night of imaginative fun for Halloween does not have to break the bank. Here are a few ways you can whip up a creative costume with stuff from around the house or your local thrift store.

Bride or Groom, Beauty Queen, and More

Halloween bride
Photo by Asafath from Pexels

This one is super easy, tons of fun, and can be turned in so many different directions. Corpse bride, zombie bride, mummy bride, alien bride, undead beauty queen ... the list of possibilities goes on and on. Weddings are expensive, sure, but a night out as a Halloween bride does not have to be. Thrift stores are pure gold when it comes to finding a fancy (yet cheap) Halloween dress or menswear. The gaudier, the better, as far as this one goes. Hot pink prom dresses? Perfect! Throw some fake blood, red paint, (you get the idea) and that $10 dress takes on a whole new Halloween persona.

DIY Superhero or Super Villain

kid wearing a cape
Photo by TK Hammonds on Unsplash

Who says all the great superheroes and supervillains are famous? Take to your closet, look around the house, go to the thrift store, and you can create your own unique superhero or supervillain. Always wanted to wear that leather skirt with a panda hoodie and knee-high-combat boots? Perfect, add a cape and viola! A Super Punk Panda to the rescue.


baby pizza costume
Image courtesy of Today's Parent (Facebook)

You are what you eat! Dressing up as food is easy, fun, and can be done with things most people have in their kitchen and craft cabinets. Grab some aluminum foil and wrap yourself up and go as a burrito! Cardboard boxes, construction paper, and paint can create a giant pizza slice, which can be attached to a shirt. The same materials can be used to make a cardboard cookie, a giant carton of fries, a box of wine, a candy carton, and more!

Crazy Cat/Dog Person

cat lady costume
Image credit to A Creative Life by AMy Anderson (Facebook)

Put on your best robe, load up on the stuffed cats or dogs, and embrace it. Thrift stores are bound to have plenty of robes and stuffed animals for you to choose from. Get as into it as you want with this one—rollers in the hair, shower cap, weird shoes, cat food packets attached to the robe, etc.. Just give in, and let that inner kitty cat out, at least for one day. 


Man in Toga
Image credit to Handy Dandy Productions (Facebook)

When in doubt, always go with the toga. All one needs is a large piece of fabric, fasteners, and belt of some sort to get the basic toga going. HGTV has a good tutorial right here to help craft the perfect toga.

The Twitter-verse is also full of fantastic ideas and tutorials on how to make a simple DIY Halloween costume that will impress. Check out a few of our favorites:

What are your favorite DIY and thrifty Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments.