Exciting biodegradable glitter options to help you shine and save the planet this festival season.

With festival and concert season in full swing, so is the glitter makeup trend. Biodegradable body glitter is becoming increasingly popular as an eco-friendly alternative to regular glitter, which sticks around forever. This eco-friendly alternative is plant-based and safe for your skin and the environment, making it the perfect accessory to wear this summer while you dance along to all of your favorite music with your friends.

While biodegradable glitter is still relatively new, it can be difficult to find shops that sell this planet-friendly option. Therefore, to make your lives a little bit easier, I've linked a few Etsy shops where you can find super cute and affordable options for your sparkling looks, along with some different glittery looks for inspiration!

Cheek Glitter

One of the most popular – and my personal favorite – ways to wear festival makeup is with glitter cheeks. It's a simple way to add a lot (or a little) of sparkle, depending on your style.

Blue cheek glitter

Courtesy of Make Up by Rachel Monk on Facebook

Teardrop glitter

Courtesy of Makeup by Micaylah on Facebook

Eye Glitter

Or, to spice things up a bit, you can add some glitter around your eyes!

Under eye and eyebrow glitter

Courtesy of Glitter Nymph on Etsy

Rainbow eye glitter

Courtesy of Kitten Boss Cosmetics on Facebook

Glitter Liner

Another great way to rock glitter makeup this summer is with glitter eyeliner. It's not only cute, but it is an easy way to sport some subtle sparkle.

Pink Glitter liner

Courtesy of Makeup by Alexya on Facebook

pink glitter liner 2

Courtesy of Glam by Kaylalee on Facebook

Shops to Buy Eco-Friendly Glitter

Glitter Nymph Shop

Follow this link to shop at Glitter Nymph Shop on Etsy.

glitter nymph shop

Courtesy of Glitter Nymph on Etsy

Click here to shop this Opal glitter!

Universal Soul Glitter Shop

Follow this link to shop at Universal Soul Glitter on Etsy.

universal soul glitter shop

Courtesy of Universal Soul Glitter on Etsy

Click here to shop this glitter collection!

Eco Glimmer Eco Glitter Shop

Follow this link to shop at Eco Glimmer Eco Glitter on Etsy.

eco glimmer shop pic

Courtesy of Eco Glimmer on Etsy

Click here to shop this glitter!


Go ahead, get your sparkle on! Are there any other face and body glitter products we should know about? Let us know in the comments section below.