They've garnered more than 523,000 followers on Instagram!

The Wansho Laundry in central Taiwan is all about keeping clothes in tip-top shape. Run by husband-and-wife team Chang Wan-ji, 83, and Hsu Sho-er, 84, they've been together for over 60 years and have worked a lifetime at cleaning clothes, dry cleaning, and laundry.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they have stayed open, though business has been slow. In their business, they end up getting a mix of odds and ends, garments being left behind and forgotten. And they've been modeling the lost clothes in posts on Instagram and have gained worldwide attention.

Reef Chang, their grandson, set up the account for them back in June, and he has posted countless photos of his grandparents modeling the vintage clothing.

Check out some of the shots:


A post shared by 萬秀的洗衣店|WANT SHOW as young (@wantshowasyoung) on


A post shared by 萬秀的洗衣店|WANT SHOW as young (@wantshowasyoung) on


A post shared by 萬秀的洗衣店|WANT SHOW as young (@wantshowasyoung) on

The Instagram account (@wantshowasyoung) has over 523K followers, and the couple posts a new outfit every few days. Mr. Chang and Ms. Hsu have had a ton of fun with the whole thing, and love hearing from people all over the world.

With hundreds of forgotten articles of clothing, the couple will have plenty of material to keep the show going for a while. What a cute way to pass the time, get some attention for their business, and just maybe reunite some forgotten clothing items with their original owners.

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