Leave us this one thing.

As William Wallace once declared, "They may take our side parts, Hogwarts houses, laughing crying emojis, and the words 'doggo' and 'adulting,' but they will never take our skinny jeans!" (Braveheart came out in 1995, which makes William Wallace a Millennial.) 

Listen, Gen Z, we're not going to fight you. (First of all, we're tired from defending ourselves against Boomers and their accusations of "too much avocado toast," and second of all, you guys could probably kick our asses.) You're right about plenty of things. There are less earnest emojis. Harry Potter has its issues. But you can keep your trendy little paws off our skinny jeans.

Skinny jeans are arguably the most democratic item of clothing to exist—flattering on every body, with reasonable pairs existing at every price point. Are there cooler jeans? Absolutely. Should we be willing to experiment and explore those options? Probably! (For curious Millennials: mom jeans really do make your butt look amazing, '70s-inspired flares are chic as hell, and raw hem jeans will make you look like you know exactly what you're doing.) But as we're trying to figure out if we'll ever be able to pay off our student loans and own a house, leave us this one thing: the humble skinny jean. 

And besides—you'll learn. 

Gen Z, you're the socially-conscious younger siblings we can't help but love. Sorry about the potentially doomed planet; we're doing what we can to help. But leave our skinny jeans alone. 

Are you a skinny-jean Millennial or anything-but-skinny-jean Gen Zer? Give us your reason why in the comments.