These "Cheeky" silicone cups will you help get rid of trouble spots on your hips and thighs.

Cellulite is a major annoyance for millions of women and men. If you are one of those afflicted with cellulite, you’ve probably been struggling all your life to find ways to get rid of it. A new product called Cheeky Cups is aiming to help you abolish cellulite with a process that employs cupping. Instead of the glass cups used in the alternative medicine treatment, Cheeky Cups are made of silicone and can be used on legs, arms, or any solid area you have cellulite. We got our hands on a set and gave them a spin.

How They Work

Cheeky Cups come in two sizes—one for large areas and one for smaller areas like your upper arms. The cups work by giving your trouble areas a deep tissue massage, increasing circulation and softening the appearance of cellulite. You can use them on legs, thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and the stomach.

Cheeky Cups by Cheeky Physique

The Process

First, you moisturize the area with lotion or oil. Use anything you want; your favorite scented lotion or massage oil is probably the best. Next, slide the cup (open side down) over your skin. Press down and depress the top of the cup into your skin. When you release your fingers, the silicone will inflate, causing suction. Gently push the suctioned cup across the areas of your skin you want to treat. If you lose suction, just start again. Massage each area for about five minutes. The process isn’t painful and just kind of feels like you’re running a vacuum over your skin. 

The Verdict

These cups actually work, but the results only last a few hours. The company recommends you use Cheeky Cups every day, but you could just use them when you’re going somewhere special and still get results. We discovered that Cheeky Cups also work in the shower with a little shower gel. Just make sure you always wash all the product off to keep them in good shape!

Overall, Cheeky Cups are a good value for the results they provide. You could easily spend the same amount of money on cellulite cream that only lasts a month or so. Cheeky Cups can be used over and over by anyone in your household plagued by cellulite. They're priced at $32 for the pair and are available at and Amazon.

What are your tips and tricks for dealing with cellulite? We'd love to hear your expertise in the comments!

*A sample was provided to Our Community Now.