Runway fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent debuts at this year’s virtual Consumer Electronics Show.

Finding the perfect lipstick shade to match your complexion can be difficult. In pursuit of the perfect lip color, most women have a makeup drawer with at least four or five unused lipsticks. It was on sale, it looked great on me in the store, it was recommended by a friend are all reasons those lipsticks go to waste. But what if you could make your own custom color at home? A new product developed by Yves Saint Laurent is making that possible.

The high-end beauty brand introduced the new device during the virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and will have it available for purchase later this year.

Yves Saint Laurent collaborated on the Rouge Sur Mesure with Perso, a beauty tech company that developed a skincare device for YSL’s parent company L’Oréal last year. The device uses AI and your smartphone to develop a lipstick color to match your complexion or outfit. It dispenses one application at a time to avoid waste. The top of the device turns into a compact that you can take with you.

YSL Rouge Sur Mesure
Courtesy Yves Saint Laurent

The Rouge Sur Measure is preloaded with a three-color palette that delivers dozens of different colors. Choose from nudes, pinks, reds, and oranges. The lip colors are made from YSL’s signature velvet cream matte finish lipstick. You can upload your picture to the app and virtually try-on custom colors. When you find the perfect one, simply select it and send it to the device. The new color will be created and applied with a specialized lipstick brush. Save the color in the app for use another time.

The Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Sur Mesure is available for pre-order at $299. To get your name on the list, go to If you are one of the lucky ones to get the first crack at this beauty technology marvel, you will also receive two lipstick cartridge sets ($180 value).

Have you tried YSL's lipstick virtual try-on, yet, or are you holding out for the Rough Sur Measure? Let us know in the comments.